GoTouch transforms your TV into interactive whiteboard

editors-choice-300x96It would be nice to use that TV or projection screen one already owns to make interactive presentations without running out to spend money on a whiteboard.

GoTouch is a small, portable device that instantly turns any TV or projector into an interactive whiteboard using an infrared tracking pointer. The device connects to smartphones, tablets or PCs via Bluetooth. If using an iPhone or iPad, it can be connected wirelessly using Apple TV’s AirPlay, or via a Lightning to HDMI cable. If using an Android device, GoTouch can be connected via a Micro-USB to HDMI cable or by using Chromecast or similar screencasting devices.


Set it and forget it: The Smart Cube makes anything a safe

editors-choice-300x96The makers of traditional and the more modern versions of safes seem to only understand passports, money, and guns are the only worthwhile things that need protecting. In today’s home, though, things like medicine, cleaning liquids and alcohol should be safely stored away because thieves aren’t the only curious types — babies, teenagers, and even roommates can give them a run for their money.

What’s needed is a solution that’s far more versatile, a solution that can transform any enclosed space into a protected space. The Smart Cube is that solution. It works by being attached to the inside of a drawer, a medicine cabinet, a guitar case — pretty much anything — with strong 3M tape that can withstand up to 100 pounds of force. It communicates through Bluetooth to its companion iOS/Android app so that its built-in proximity sensor automatically locks and relocks when the main Smart Cube user comes near.


The Plugzr outlet add-on puts you in charge of your charging

Year and year, more devices are making their way into the homes of the general populace — and all of them need sweet electricity to make them work. The problem lies in the myriad of chargers and cables that soon become difficult to keep track of, eventually being misplaced altogether.

To help manage the increasing amount of clutter these smart devices generate, a team out of Germany developed the Plugzr smart wall outlet. While Plugzr may look like an ordinary wall outlet, it’s Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in charging docks and rapid charging USB ports make it anything but. With the former, users can do everything from remotely turn on or turn off plugged in devices to gauge the amount of power each device is sucking up or also set devices to a schedule and even set scenes using the Plugzr companion smartphone app. (more…)

The iKeyp lets you keep valuables dry and safe

editors-choice-300x96For some reason, staying on top of medication is so much harder than anyone gives it credit for. Pill boxes
and smartphone reminders may help but at the end of the day, they’re still not good enough. When the medicine in question is essential to one’s health, it’s important to go the extra mile to ensure adherence.

The iKeyp is a lightweight, portable smart safe that includes a wide range of features that makes it more versatile than it seems at first blush. It works together with a companion smartphone app to make sure authorized users are reminded when its moisture-sealed compartment isn’t opened at the scheduled time for medication. In addition, a motion detector, three-axis gyroscope, and shock detector to determine when the iKeyp is being tampered with, sending alerts directly to authorized users while also letting loose a siren to deter would-be thieves. (more…)

Lack of coverage can’t stop the goTenna Mesh

The problem of communication in a foreign country or during an emergency is a huge one, compounded by the usually prohibitive costs associated with it. And even then, when a system is finally in place, it usually isn’t as reliable as it needs to be.

So, after receiving countless awards for its inaugural product offering focused on the problem, the team behind the wildly successful goTenna is back at it again. This time, its goTenna Mesh not only connects people using a signal it generated on its own but also takes advantage of each users’ device to double or even triple its capable range. This allows users to send direct messages, establish message groups unencumbered by distance and download maps to be used offline, with the network growing stronger as more people use goTenna Mesh devices. (more…)

Don a WingJump and glide down a mountain with ease

Innovations in winter sports are few and far between, but when they happen they’re usually refreshing takes on a very established formula. Case in point: The WingJump, the result of an invigorating kitesurfing session inspiring a change in traditional skiing.

While it looks like a wingsuit, the WingJump is more designed to give skiers more control and stability through positioning. But its main draw lies in how it allows skiers to jump for longer distances and land more smoothly due to the way it was designed, offering the sensation of flying in full safety. (more…)

Tiny ONEmicro speaker uses cordless phone tech for a Bluetooth extraction

There is no shortage of small, wireless speakers on the market that use Bluetooth technology. But the sound quality of many of them leave a lot to be desired.

ONEmicro is a small, portable wireless speaker that uses the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard instead of Bluetooth. DECT provides superior sound quality, its manufacturer, ONEaudio, says. The speakers have been tested at over 90 dB and they fill up 120 square feet of space. The battery lasts 20 hours in HQ mode and 25 hours in ECO mode.


Say hello to better mornings with the Kello bedside companion

For most people, mornings are a drag because of a lack of sleep. This leads to haphazrd, rushed mornings with barely any time to take a sip of coffee let alone wake up appropriately. And with more and more people dozing off to the drama of late-night Netflix binges or the glow of a smartphone, they’re experiencing more difficulty getting the kind of sound, restful sleep crucial to a successful day.

With the prevalence of this problem comes a glut of products designed to address it. Kello Labs’ Kello is a bedside companion not designed to be an alarm clock but rather a sleep trainer to help people achieve the kind of restorative sleep they need. Kello boasts a wide range of sleep programs in its tiny frame. Together, they can help users do everything from fall asleep faster (with a program that asks users to match their breath to a pattern of lights to more easily relax), snooze less (offering users just three chances a week to snooze), wake up earlier (by shaving minutes off each morning until users naturally wake up earlier), and even take better power naps.  (more…)

The One X biosensor lets you pick up on your body’s vibes

Everyone is generally aware of the elements that contribute to a healthy lifestyle: nutrition-dense foods, ample water, some exercise and plenty of sleep, just to name a few. But the one issue most people have is actually quantifying the kind of lifestyle being led with something other than that vague sense of ‘feeling bad’. Luckily, the One X does exactly that.

The One X is a nutritional biosensor that can effectively measure the body’s antioxidant level, a reliable metric for understanding how well the body is able to cope with various lifestyle challenges along with the body’s reaction to elements like sun, alcohol, nutrition, exercise, pollution, stress and sleep. It’s able to do this through high-quality optic sensors that analyze critical skin antioxidants called carotenids with a 20-scan of the palm. Since carotenids absorb light in the blue spectrum, the One X pumps blue light into the palm and reads how much is absorbed for an accurate measurement of the body’s overall health. The worse the lifestyle, the lower the score: This gives up to five users (courtesy of a handy fingerprint sensor) clear incentive to make better decisions throughout the day. (more…)

The Paralenz action camera is a breath of underwater air

The undersea wonders of the oceans house some incredible sights, which is why millions of scuba divers globally take the time to photograph, record and otherwise document their experiences in the deep blue. Unfortunately, clunky design and unimpressive depth tolerance have relegated the equipment now available to the not-quite-good-enough category.

A small team out of Delaware wants to change that. And with its Paralenz dedicated diving action camera, it has a very good chance of doing so. For one, the Paralenz looks like a creation born out of rapid prototyping principles: it oozes ruggedness with its tiny black anodized aluminum frame with a collection chunky and clicky magnetic switch buttons. This design is not only rugged and good looking but also practical, allowing the Paralenz to be used with any type of diving gloves. Another way the Paralenz was designed to be practical was through its attachments: it can be connected to any T-rail, an adapter can be used to attach it to other equipment, or a third-person viewer can float the Paralenz behind a diver sort of like an underwater drone for brand new underwater perspectives.  (more…)