Cell Phone Accessories

Pocket Dock-It creates a mini-dock to charge your phone in any outlet

Pocket Dock ItA cable-free option to charge phones helps to reduce clutter. While it doesn’t support wireless charging, the Pocket Dock-It would be the next best thing. Plug it into an electrical wall outlet, and it will charge a smartphone. One alternative Thinium, offers a bit more functionality since it will also charge a smartphone right from a laptop or other computer sourceWhile Pocket Dock-It is a little less expensive, it may also offer less convenience. But if a charging device that functions through an electrical outlet is all that’s needed, backers can get theirs for $30 with an expected delivery of January of 2015.

Health and Wellness Kids/Babies

SandStroller lets kids surf sand while you sweat

SandStrollerA human-powered beach sled, SandStroller offers health conscious parents an opportunity to take their child for a jog…on the beach. The sled-style gadget allows junior to have a seat, and if old enough, chant, “Faster, faster!” with a price of $300, parents may work up a sweat even without using it. It’s scheduled to arrive in time for alternative Santa transportation in warmer climates in December 2014.

Connected Objects Smart Home

Dorr drives into the crowded connected garage door space

The Premise. Automated garage doors sure are useful, but not when you spend the beginning of every drive wondering whether or not it was left open. This usually happens when you’re already pretty far from your home, forcing most to waste time returning just to make sure. 

The Product. Dorr is an extremely straightforward product from Buelgo that comes in the form of a sensor that attaches to your garage door. In exchange for its new permanent home, it determines whether or not said door is open using its built-in accelerometer. Most importantly, Dorr uses your own wi-fi network to communicate with your smartphone to let you know if you need to open or close your garage door from wherever you are. Password protect Dorr with 128-AES level encryption to prevent unauthorized access, or just the chubby fingers of a little one. 

The Pitch. The campaign is as straightworward as the product itself, with the featured 43 second video introducing the inventor and showing off Dorr in all its authoritarian garage door glory. As with the doors it opens, backers won’t have to have to wait too long if they spring for one: Dorr has a February 2015 delivery date. 

The Perks. Buelgo is offering single worthwhile perk in the form of a Dorr unit for $75 — unless you really, really want a T-shirt that tells the world about your backer status for $25. 

The Potential. Smartphone-enabled garage door openers have been a thing for quite some time. Many companies currently offer their very own take on the product that frankly have far more functionality than Dorr. Products from companies like Open-MeCraftsman, Garageio, BTmate, and Liftmaster offer features like shared access between more than one user and responsive design that detects when you’re near. Dorr is extremely basic compared to some of these more sophisticated solutions and really offers nothing new to the space. Its price isn’t even all that attractive considering that BTmate in particular can be had for as little as $30. Smartphone-enabled garage doors may not be a huge industry right now, and products like Dorr certainly aren’t going to make it much bigger.

Home Sports

CorkNet trivet lets you serve dishes, ping pong balls

CorkNetWhen families get together, it seems that most everyone ends up in the kitchen. Maybe it’s because that’s where the food is, but CorkNet will give people another reason to gather there — especially if table tennis is the family passion. The cork wedges work as a heat absorption item for hot pots and pans, and when the meal is over, doubles as the net for table tennis right at the kitchen table. While a person can choose to easily store it or transport it anywhere, a cork net may mean more effort to retrieve those “net balls.” But then that’s what kids are for, right? Backers can get theirs for £20, with an expected delivery of October 2014.


Sink Pro takes the strain out of cleaning your drain

Sink ProFor those who haven’t taken advantage of the modern conveniences of a dishwasher and garbage disposal, Sink Pro aims to add convenience to kitchen clean-up after meals. The sink strainer takes an age old idea and attempts to remake it into something new and improved with a peaked center that seems to come up higher than the average sink strainer. But at $25, many will want to purchase off-peak. Sink Pro’s expected delivery is November 2015.


The Guardian tells e-snoopers to get off of your cloud

guardianConcern about our digital information is at an all-time high. Between cloud services skimping on security, credit cards being swiped, major banks being hacked, and the NSA sniffing around, it’s difficult to confidently secure valuable files. BoltKey’s Guardian intends to make it easy. The silver slab offers users military grade encryption and wireless backup of up to 3TB of data, coupled with two-factor authentication requiring the included BoltKey accessory. The product’s encryption and storage may dwarf others, but products like WEDG or the Sherylbox offer more options with which to interact with data. Early birds can get their own Guardian for $199 in November 2014, while tardy turtles will get theirs in December 2014 for $249.

Cycling Personal Transportation

Robobike Mobile Generator gives your e-bike a jolt on the road

robobikeInventor Chris Wilson wants eto never worry about battery again with his Robobike Mobile Generator. It connects to the back of an electric bicycle, passively stabilizing itself so that the rider can fully enjoy their ride without issue. Also connected to the generator are the bike’s brakes, allowing it to recharge itself when in use. And when you’re done, the Robobike Mobile Generator can power a refrigerator if need be, among other things. Although potentially practical, the product seems a bit awkward.

Connected Objects Fitness Smartwatches/Bands

$29 Jaha fitness band counts steps, saved dollars

jaha2With the likes of the Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up, and Nike Fuelband hogging up the spotlight alongside other, lesser known fitness bands, Jaha is hoping their version will stand out. With the options to locate and challenge others nearby or take up the virtual challenges Jaha will throw at you with the accompanying iOS app, the product isn’t content with only keeping you informed, but motivated as well. Of course, the challenge is that we’re starting to see a lot of this step-counting functionality built into the smartphones themselves. Jaha’s campaign is trying to shore up $25,000 to have their band around your wrist by November 2014.

Automotive Connected Objects

CANBus Triple opens a dialogue between car and driver

There’s something inherently frustrating about the “check engine” light on cars. Inside of each modern car is a computer that monitors all of the giant machines systems running in tandem, and if something goes wrong, all the driver gets to see is a little orange light letting them know that something, anything, could be wrong.

CANBus Triple is an Arduino-based device that can tap into the communication that the car’s computer sends and receives and relay that information to the driver. Whether using a custom-made gauge, a laptop, or bypassing the wires that lead to the digital dashboard display, CANBus can monitor a number of different factors like air-fuel ration and passenger weight and relay that information to the driver easily and in real-time.

For the casual driver, this may sound like a godsend, but CANBus Triple isn’t exactly the most user-friendly device. Nor is it going to be an adequate solution no matter how much Top Gear one watches. CANBus Triple is for car hackers, the kind of auto enthusiasts that know how to get every last drop of power and performance from their vehicle. Created by Michigan-based engineer Derek Kuschel, CANBus Triple has been beta tested by the car hacking community and with $18,000 worth of support, is ready for open sale. The device costs $75 and ships out in November 2014.

The CANBus Triple is an auto-lover’s dream, a way to feel a closer sense of connection with one’s vehicle and a way to truly speak the car’s language. It may have a steep learning curve and a bit of an entry barrier, but for those that know they want this device, they’ve wanted something that can do this for a long time. The Arduino architecture only makes it better by making new features possible all the time.


HandleBeard tames wild whiskers on the go

handlebeardIt’s outrageous to think a single item can tame the legions of mighty and lustrous beards ruling over the chins of men the world over, but Joe Bencar and his Handlebeard have stepped into the arena to do battle. Whatever you do, don’t let the keychain comb’s diminutive size or whimsical handlebar design fool you: this is 3.5 inches of pure, anodized aluminum, water-jet cut to keep booming bristles in check. Reasonably priced at just $10, the Handlebeard’s lightweight design will accompany you anywhere you go. Even if the Handlebeard doesn’t come across as versatile as the GoComb, stretch goals include additional color options and a titanium version that inject variety and strike fear into the hearts of even the most labyrinthine mane. It’s due to whisk its way onto keychains in November 2014.