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Bench brings organization, docking station

Bench  b23d0a3ec86f8b94fb29abca099c9173_large[1]Tablets, iPhones, pens, pencils, paper, and other important things always seem like they’ve sprouted legs and have run off somewhere when you want them. With spring right around the corner, Bench aims to cater to the ambitious souls out there who are thinking thoughts like, How can I organize the mess that I can still find? The glorified desk organizer is ten inches long and made of acrylic plastic. It’s lined with acrylic foam so as not to scratch or damage tablets, iPhones or other gadgets. While there are many gadget docks and desk organizers out there, Bench seems to be the first to combine the two concepts. For $20 backers get one Bench and an estimated delivery of May 2014.

Apparel Organization

GeniusStrap helps you keep it all together

GeniusStrap 2048b5781918508aa766c6b7e926efbf_large[1]Aaah, the things that inspire. Nothing like a first child to make parents spazz out about dirty shoelaces and other assorted germy items. But a first child is indeed the inspiration for GeniusStrap according to the video. Then the second one comes along and is lucky if the pacifier even gets washed off after hitting the floor and laying there for a week. Nevertheless, GeniusStrap has multiple uses beyond just locking up shoelaces. The rubber strip with its holes and balled ends stretches and locks into place for use with bundling items, condensing, toting, securing, ponytail holder, even finger exercises. While there are shoelace locks out there, including some crowdfunded ones , GeniusStrap seems to have far more versatility. For $16, a backer gets a set of GeniusStraps (8 pieces) and an expected delivery of Aug 2014.

Home Organization

StaX packs the max where organization lacks

StaX e7f31d4cdf74c5cc8c888b45d9cc8315_large[1]Ode to StaX: I think that I shall never see, a storage thingy diverse as thee. Well, maybe that was a bit over-the-top, but StaX is truly capable of providing a home for all your small clutter. The multi-optional-colored cylinders are made of aircraft grade aluminum, so you can choose to use them in the garage to store hardware, living room as drink coaster and nut holder, kitchen, bathroom, kids’ rooms, or wherever. It might be interesting to see how the dog would respond to it…or might make an interesting wind chime.  StaX seems unique in diversity and adjustability. Plus it looks really cool. For $49, backers get a five piece set with an expected delivery of June 2014.

Food and Beverage Organization

Stackerware keeps your containers in their place

StackerwareThat plastic ware drawer in the kitchen is historically the messiest drawer in the house. Really, there’s (probably) a statistic out there about it. Stackerware offers plastic BPA-free containers with bases that make life easier. The bases hold the Stackerware in a neat and organized way. In addition, the bases can be attached to under cupboard areas or placed in drawers for space optimization. There already exist tons of stackable plastic containers, like Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Lid Containers, but not all have the handy base that the company offers. The early-bird basic set of Stackerware goes for $35 and the regularly priced set costs backers $39. Stackerware hopes to raise $29,000 in their 35 day campaign on Kickstarter.

Furniture Organization

Stax uses X-Space makes the diagonal shelves of your criss-crossing dreams

xspaceX-Space, a library built and designed by its students features Stax, a building unit used to create the library. The X-shaped unit made out of wood that can be connected to create a large bookcase or even used as a structural unit to make chairs or benches. The campaign is really raising money to build their library X-Space, but backers are able to buy Stax units for themselves. Early backers can receive one Stax unit for $149 or at the regular price of $199. X-Space is hoping to raise $75,000 in its 30-day campaign on Kickstarter.

Organization Tools

StickQuick keeps your little implements all in a row

StickQuick c05a6306620c40cdaa49ad55b540a3ec_large[1]Having the stuff you need at arm’s reach just got simpler. StickQuick’s system of organization includes elastic silicone bands that are embedded with neodymium magnets, the strongest permanent magnets available. The bands stretch to fit any ferrous or non-ferrous tool or handle. Available sizes include ½” and 3/8”, which fits most tools and utensils. StickQuick also offers 1” metal disks and 12” metal strips with adhesive on the back to convert non-ferrous surfaces. A quick glimpse through Amazon shows that there are already magnetic tool organizers and other magnetic organizers available. For at least $10, backers get two StickQuick bands and two 1” magnetic disks for non-ferrous surfaces. Estimated delivery is July 2014.


Organi aspires to bring organization with recyclable materials

OrganiThe Organi system of organization is completely made of recyclable materials such as boxes, wine bottle corks and more. Organi components are cut into sets using a laser cutter and then assembled by hand. One of the goals of the founders is that all parts would be manufactured and assembled in the USA. Perhaps one of the bigger challenges for this campaign is the very basic college dormish appearance of the components – especially when Amazon can offer items such as wall pockets, mountable shelving units and other options for becoming more organized. There are also a couple of similar campaigns focusing on organization. For a contribution of $15, a backer gets the basic Minimalist SE set, which consists of an acrylic link and two pivots. Larger donations include more components. Expected delivery is July 2014.

Luggage and Bags Music Organization

GigBlade helps you carry that weight, keep your guitar by your side

GigBladeAny musician knows that certain instruments just do not travel well. Guitars and electric basses in particular can present a problem. They’re too heavy to carry in hand, but too awkwardly shaped to carry on one’s back. Introducing the GigBlade, a guitar/bass soft case that is designed to be carried low on one’s side, an area that has, as of yet, been untapped by the luggage industry. With a low center of gravity and hands-free design, GigBlade is the perfect solution for musicians constantly on the go. One GigBlade costs $125 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of June 2014.

Organization Toys

Lenz Frenz wear your kids glasses, store them for safekeeping

LenzFrinzAlthough kids look adorable in glasses, sometimes they can have trouble keeping track of them. Sometimes kids can be nervous about having to wear their glasses, and the Lenz Frenz was designed to give kids a cuddly way to keep track of their eyewear while easing the adjustment to their augmented visage. The soft, plushy toy has a built-in case in the back of the toy, and it also has a design that allows your child’s glasses to be worn on the animal’s face when they’re not wearing them. This is a cute idea that would be great for kids. The creators  have a small size puppy available for $25 and the full-size bear for $45, with expected delivery in May 2014.

Organization Tech Accessories

Frack Pack parties with your laptop in the back, is all business in front

FrackPackLaptops can be very hard to use in those on-the-go moments when there is no place to sit down to use them. The Frack Pack that looks like a regular old backpack is a dual-use product, specifically designed to tote around your laptop but then also fold down to use as a portable work station. Those indifferent to nerdiness stigma can swing it around to the front, flip the compartment down and work on their laptop while standing up. In this way it is a bit like the (just barely) successful crowdfunded Trego for iPads that is sleeker and less expensive.  After donating at least $259, backers may expect to receive have a place in which to pack their frack in April 2014.