Tiny Camarama attaches to keychains, Polaroid’s past

The Premise. Feeling nostalgia for the instant cameras of yesteryear, complete with dubious image quality? Did you ever want a retro-style digital camera the size of your thumbnail? How about a stunning *cough* 1.3 megapixel photo that you have to keep on some sort of accessory keychain so you don’t lose it?

The Product. This IndieGoGo project creates a tiny, functional replica of the iconic Polaroid instant camera, swapping out digital images for stamp-like instant prints. It comes with a micro-USB cord, is rechargeable, and is a little bit on the cute side. But honestly, any smartphone has a better quality camera and the ability to immediately post it to any number of social media outlets.

The Pitch. The video is an odd mashup of slow saxophones paired with teenagers on the beach and adults at some sort of cocktail party. It’s clear that the adults are having trouble holding onto the product. There’s also a sequence from the “factory” where they make the product, but the creators are seeking $10,000 to move past a prototype.

The Perks. A novelty item, the Camerama might be a good gift, or even a good gag gift. But at $50, it’s not exactly cheap compared to other keychain cameras. If anyone were to appreciate it, the target demographic would probably be teens who like to have trinkets. Backers will receive a Camerama product in return for their support.

The Potential. The creators of Camarama want to eventually expand their product line to have their digital cameras inserted into other retro shapes. First, though, they must peddle a joke-quality quality camera. At a lower price, it might show up at Urban Outfitters. Laugh-inducing as it may be, though, the Camarama is going to be a tough sell beyond the least price-sensitive of Polaroid nostalgia buffs.


Air Strap seeks picture-perfect comfort

The Premise. If you’ve ever experienced the common vacation activity known as “the walking tour,” you may be familiar with some of the hurdles which come with trying to document it. Traveling with a camera can be cumbersome and annoying, yet having the ability to look fondly back on memories of past trips can deem the activity “worth the hassle”.

The Product. Not to be confused with an awesome accessory for your best air guitar, the Air Strap has many hopeful photographers and photography enthusiasts looking forward to a more comfortable future in photo capturing. While traditional straps rely on a single important benefit like ‘coming in the box for free’ many users have found them painful and hard-to-adjust. The folks at Custom SLR hope to remedy this with a wide, lightweight neoprene alternative that helps avoids the dreaded sweaty neck and shoulder syndrome.

The Pitch. Custom SLR keeps the campaign video simple following a photographer taking shots around San Francisco while the narrator points out the strap’s advantages — comfort, quick loosening to facilitate framing the shot, and air holes that let the strap breathe and dissipate the kind of sweat a hardworking photographer can work up.

The Perks. A $25 pledge nets an Air Strap and Laptop Strap Attachment, which is a pretty good deal compared to some of the more professionally oriented slings. From there, rewards escalate to include a number of other accessories. They culminate to include a free dinner in San Francisco (sorry East coasters, transportation is excluded).

The Potential. The camera strap is a commodity item, often thrown into the box. On the other hand, there are a number of higher-end products such as those from Black Rapid that offer a place at your side and conveniently allows you to quickly position to grab a shot. The inclusion of a laptop case adapter, though, should provide some added utility, appeal and value.