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A bright idea, SSim helps you see your smartphone in the sunlight

SSimTaking outdoor photos with a smartphone on a sunny day can mean it’s nearly impossible to see what’s being shot in the viewer. the spyglass-like SSim works to create a space over the smartphone photo window that blocks out sunlight glare that washes out the image one is trying to view on the flat smartphone screen. While a bit awkward-looking, it actually seems to be a great solution to a longtime problem for those who are smartphone photography enthusiasts. For $28, backers get one product with an expected delivery of October 2014.

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Recap USB records calls into Mac or PC

Recap USBKeeping track of who said what in a phone call just got easier for both the average Joe and professionals. The Recap USB is an audio adapter that plugs directly into a smartphone on one end, and then into a Mac or PC on the other, which will recognize it as a new auto input device. Phone calls can then be stored in the computer. They can also be edited using Audacity or GarageBand programs.  This is the third go-round for the Recap team on ‘Kickstarter, which seems to keep developing new takes on the call recorder as soon as the previous version ships. For $79, backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.