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P-flector makes training wee ones a dryer experience

One of the biggest parental challenges in life is helping little ones to become potty trained. The messy…um…adventure includes plenty of wet bathroom floors and extra laundry due to a highly annoying gap that often lurks between the toilet seat and bowl. P-flector was created by a dad who was inspired by his toddler son to find a solution to this messy reality.

The device attaches to the underside of the toilet seat and acts as a shield that keeps urine from escaping through the gap between seat and toilet bowl. This product is made of a flexible material that can conform to most commercial toilet seats.

Seems like this item has some potential, though it’s not entirely clear exactly how it attaches and stays in place without eventually falling into the bowl. This campaign seeks to raise $60,000 on Kickstarter. Backers get one P-flector for $10 with an expected delivery of June 2015.

Camping Kids/Babies

Portable potty packs flat, goes where kids go

LeilasPottyTraveling with little kids can be a challenge, and it’s even more difficult if they are potty training. The toilets that kids use when they’re learning to “go” are not travel-friendly. One, they’re bulky, and two…gross? So Leila designed a portable travel potty to help  kids go, even when they family is away from home. Her design gave encompasses  a multi-use, collapsible, portable potty that can be easily stowed in a diaper bag or purse. You do have to have use a plastic bag with the product, so you’ll need to keep those on hand as well. The clever design is as biodegradable as its intended contents and a set is available to backers for $25.