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Fever Reliever lets you wrap your head and keep some cool

A migraine headache or a fever can be pretty debilitating. And if one’s child has a severe fever, it can be scary and challenging trying to get them cooled down.

Fever Reliever is a cooling head wrap that easily holds ice packs on one’s head so that they don’t fall off. The opening in the back of the gadget allows the user to slide cold packs into the front and back of the headband, and then secure the wrap on the head. It fastens via Velcro connectors, which are positioned toward the side of the head. The product can be used for either children or adults. A high fever means that staying hydrated is also very important, so backers might want to check out Square Bottle and Cirkul.

This campaign seeks to raise $16,000 by March 4. For $15, backers get one product with an expected delivery in April of this year.

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