A low maintenance ride is the #1 Priority

The Premise. The design of modern bicycles has changed little over the years. Since its conception, the typical bike operates just as it did many years ago, but only with better materials. Simple problems that this design comes with have been tolerated because there are so few better options out there.

The Product. Priority is a completely redesigned, updated bicycle. Its creators have made a number of changes to the typical bicycle design all in the hopes of making cycling easier and more convenient for everyone. They started out with a completely aluminum frame for ease of portability without the hassle of rust. Priority’s seats and handlebars were made so that the rider maintains a straight back and good posture. This bike has 3 speeds which exist in its internal hub. For breaking, the rider simply needs to back pedal, which cuts down on the amount of maintenance the bike will need over time. In addition, Priority’s creators have decided to use a belt instead of a chain around the bike’s gears. Chains need lubricant, can rust and usually end up ripping clothes while a belt is smoother and will result in a quieter ride. Finally, the tires are puncture resistant and the use of bolts instead of quick-releases means that the bike is theft deterrent.

The Pitch. With a clean and simple campaign video, Priority’s creators show off the features of their bicycle in an appealing way. They manage to be convincing but not cloying and make the bike really seem like an improved alternative to traditional rides. The rest of the campaign goes more into detail on design specs and even invites interested New Yorkers to stop by the workshop to test ride Priority. This new-fangled bike hopes to raise $30,000 in a month-long Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For $349 backers will receive the Priority bicycle by December 2014. The highest and only other bike tier offers 10 Priority rides for $3,499.

The Potential. Bike riding has recently exploded as a great way to not only exercise but to also get around the green way. Once pointed out by Priority, the annoyances of the modern bicycle do seem somewhat intolerable. Bikes that offer more convenience in addition to unnecessary gadgets cost upwards of $1,000. Priority is made extremely intelligently, eschewing tech additions for smart design. While it may not be the flashiest thing on the road, the bike does take everyday concerns into account to make for a simple but dazzling product. Due to its great design and incredibly low price, Priority will certainly take over the bike market in no time.

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