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Why We’re Here

Crowdfunding is having a deep impact on many different realms. These include artistic expression, social causes, charity and business building. But there is a unique promise and set of issues around the intersection between crowdfunding and the development of tangible products that can have a positive impact on our lives. We believe that coverage of crowdfunded products deserves its own home, a home that captures the passion of their inventors and the drama of their journey. We believe that home demands delivering information about such products in a tailored way. And we believe that home should help consumers discover those products of interest and decide whether to fund or acquire them.


What We Do

Backerjack focuses on covering the world of crowdfunded product innovation. Backerjack generally considers a crowdfunded product to be one where backers can receive the product as a reward for backing or as part of a pre-order. We focus more on products with new functionality rather than a particular aesthetic appeal. In addition, we focus more on products that have relevance to consumers rather than professionals or hobbyists. At this time, Backerjack does not cover software or content when it accompanies a physical product.

Backerjack was launched in 2014 by Ross Rubin, who serves as its editor. Ross is a veteran industry analyst and writer with more than 19 years of experience covering consumer technology and innovation. He is the senior director of industry analysis at App Annie. Follow him on Twitter at @rossrubin

Our contributors include:

Our associate editor is Yoni Heisler and our social media manager is Rob Lawi.


Descriptions of contributions needed to acquire products and their expected delivery are written based on information given in the campaign and come with the caveat that the product may ship late or never ship. This may be due to causes such as not reaching project goals, unforeseen circumstances and, in rare cases, fraud. There may be limited recourse in these circumstances. Please check the terms of crowdfunding sites when offering funds to project creators.

Backerjack makes use of Amazon associate links.

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