Smart Home

ActuSwitch renders you obsolete, turns on lights by pushing switches

Home automation is all the rage now, but most products require all kinds of installation methods to control the small parts of your home, like light switches. Sometimes the hassle required to do so outweighs the benefits of having the capabilities in the first place. ActuSwitch’s more motorized take on the issue ensures that anyone will be able to enjoy automatic, wireless control of anything controlled with a light switch.

ActuSwitch works as an easily installed, motorized cover for a wall switch that can be remotely controlled. Inside, a mechanism moves up and down to trigger the switch, moving back to a central position so it can still be used activated regularly. Its battery-powered designs installs over existing switches without any prior wiring knowledge required and lasts for one year, though only works with flat-styled switches for now which limits those who can enjoy it. Users can set up scheduling features to automate lights when not at home and set up profiles to provide different switches their own timing with iOS and Android apps. For now, those who are looking for a multi-switch design are out of luck as the company doesn’t have one available, but if the product still piques interest it can be had for $37 by February 2015. The campaign is looking for $60,000 to achieve their funding goal.