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Alger prevents a stranded smartphone, uses tags for everything else

Despite the advanced, technologically-connected aspects of everyday life, simple yet small annoyances still abound. Some examples of these types of annoyances range from forgetting to lock the door to locking the door and forgetting keys inside altogether. The beauty of crowdfunding, though, means there’s most likely a solution for life’s tiny bothers.

Alger is billed as the world’s first preventative anti-loss system, improving on the overdone item finder category by informing users of things left behind as they leave their front door. Without any additional accessories, the Alger’s Bluetooth door attachment communicates with a smartphone’s motion sensor to keep users from leaving it at home. By combining the door attachment with more traditional tags, users can keep tabs on other important things as well, from keys to pets.

Alger’s scene recognition puts the entire system on silent when it knows the user is at home or work. That in addition to its eight month to one year battery depending on the accessory means users will not have to think very much about upkeep. $29 gets backers an Alger door attachment along with one anti-loss tag by February 2016. The campaign is looking for $28,000 by January 26th, 2016.

This is certainly a well-explored category and Alger is just an iterative improvement on the idea. While ensuring keys are never forgotten at home is certainly useful, as a whole the system mirrors capabilities already iterated on by campaigns like LOST AND FOUND and Find 2.0.

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