AllBe1 offers one for all in a palm-sized personal security system

Several portable security devices have either reached the market or been introduced on one of the crowdfunding sites, including the multi-function Tye.

patent-claimedBut AllBe1 is out to top them all, offering about 10 features in one small device with multiple sensors. Those functions are each available to the user via mobile device apps: an out-of-range lockdown mechanism that will prevent anybody else from accessing one’s mobile device when the user steps away, a fitness/steps tracker, the ability to track people or pets, a car alarm, drawer opening detection, theft detection, and the ability to send alerts when the user’s body needs more sun exposure or less. AllBe1 also offers a smart button that can be used to alert somebody at a pre-set number if the user senses danger.

Companies and developers will also be able to use AllBe1 to create their own apps for Android and iOS devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy or integrate AllBe1 into any application, its maker says. The device can be worn around the neck, strapped on the wrist, or attached to a pet or child. AllBe1 will ship in December as part of its flexible funding Indiegogo campaign and cost $69 at retail. Its maker is hoping to raise $50,000 by July 24.

AllBe1 should appeal to a wide base of consumers thanks to its multiple functions and small size. Minor drawbacks include the lack of a waterproof design. Users can wash it and take a shower with it, but can’t swim with it, its maker says. Also, the initial version will only allow users to use one feature of the device at any one time. But its maker intends to upgrade it to perform several features at the same time, according to the Indiegogo campaign.


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