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AnkleMax sets out to avoid the same-ol’ sprain old

Sprained ankles can be a bear. Not only are they painful, but also take an extremely long time to heal. Some ankle sprain pain can last for years. AnkleMax hopes to prevent sprains before they happen. Using stabilizer technology, this product attaches to your shoes and helps absorb awkward angle impact so you remain safe. AnkleMax comes in many different colors and is compatible with all shoes, or so the campaign says. This product does not impede the natural motion of your foot and remains unobtrusive as it sits on the outside of the shoe. One pair can be had for $75 with estimated delivery in December 2014. AnkleMax hopes to raise an ambitious $100,000 on Kickstarter.

AnkleMax is an interesting addition to the ankle sprain prevention market. Shoes like those from Ektio are designed with extra support to make sure sprains don’t happen. Ringing in at about $140 per pair, these sneakers claim to keep your ankles straight. AnkleMax, while pricey, are compatible with all shoes, making them much more versatile. The attachment process is vague, however. If they can easily be transferred from shoe to shoe, then they’re well worth the price. If one must purchase a pair for all of their shoes, the price may get a little high.