ASome transform your ordinary headset into awesome Bluetooth headset

It would be nice to add Bluetooth functionality to the earphones one already owns and loves to use.

ASome is an audio adapter that attaches to earbuds or headphones and adds Bluetooth functionality that enables them to be used with smartphones and other portable music devices. It comes equipped with a Qualcomm aptX chipset and a 210mAh battery that provides 10 hours of playback on a full charge, its makers say. ASome also features a multi-pairing feature via Bluetooth 4.1, allowing users to connect two devices simultaneously.

Users can wear ASome as a necklace or clip it onto one’s shirt, armband, bag or belt loop. ASome ships this month. Future pricing isn’t given, but Indiegogo backers have been able to order one for a pledge starting at $49 for early birds. Its makers hope to raise $50,000 by July 15.

ASome has nice features –- especially the Qualcomm chip, 10-hour battery time and multi-pairing feature. But there have been other devices designed to make wireless headphones wired, including Spiro X1, so it’s not exactly an original concept. The main obstacle is likely the fact that consumers can buy a decent pair of wireless earphones for a relatively low price at this point, making an option like ASome mainly appealing for consumers with expensive, good-quality wired headphones that they don’t want to part with. Any device with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 standard is compatible with ASome, its makers say.  ASome is also not waterproof or even water resistant, so there could be a problem if it gets wet.

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