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Atlas Throttle lock works like a pen for motorcycle cruise control

Long motorcycle trips are cumbersome mainly because riders have to keep up the throttle so that they can accelerate to their desired speed. Aftermarket solutions, like throttle locks and cruise control systems, are available to deal with this issue but most work with only very specific models of motorcycle, require drilling or other custom fabrication to install, and are ultimately awkward to use. In addition, since the installation is permanent, it’s lost when the bike is sold.

Inspired by his difficulties during a 28 country motorcycle tour, inventor David Winters created the ATLAS Throttle Lock. This product addresses the awkwardness of other throttle locks by being as thin as two bank cards while still being able to be used with a wide range of handle grips. (There’s a 100% money back guarantee included with the product if it doesn’t fit.) With a single, comfortable button press, riders can engage ATLAS and quickly disengage it with another button press or by rotating the accelerator. All these points add promise to the product provided it will hold up over time, an aspect in question with its thin design. An early bird special shaves $64 off the retail price; interested backers can grab one and help this campaign reach its funding goal of $11,200.