ATOM battery pack charges everything under the sun and then some

One of the biggest issues with the many pieces of technology that make life so much more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling is their incessant need for electricity. Everyone has experienced that moment where their laptop, phone, or wearable was on the cusp of death, instantly ruining future plans. In this day and age, that just shouldn’t happen.

The team behind the ATOM is on a mission to make sure of that. The ATOM is an small, unassuming black box comprised of a universal power outlet and a battery pack with a rapid charging USB port. The battery pack’s tiny size betrays its monstrous capacity for power — 30,000 mAh to be exact. That’s enough to give a laptop up to 200% more power, speakers 14 hours of music, and between 13-18 full charges to most smartphones. And with the use of additional battery pack, users can continue charging whatever they need by quickly swapping it out. $170 nets backers a single ATOM unit while $225 gets them an ATOM and extra battery pack by April 2016. The team behind ATOM is looking for $50,000 by November 17th, 2016.

The ATOM is extremely versatile. So much so that it’s able to charge pretty much anything that most would need charged at any given moment. Swappable battery packs is a nice touch that adds a ton of functionality while a 90 minute charge time is a small thing to ask when it gives you so much power. The AMPL is one of the few products approaching ATOM’s versatility.

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