AURA ornaments spruce up your spruce wirelessly

The setting up of a Christmas tree should be a delightful activity in which everyone can pitch in to do and enjoy. Unfortunately, it usually grinds to a halt when the messy coil of Christmas lights is revealed to be tangled with broken bulbs and missing fixtures. Along with being a general pain, the wire itself can be dangerous as it can spark or overheat which can lead to fires.

The team behind AURA has created a set of wireless Christmas ornaments powered by a charging ring that can be placed underneath or within a tree to address these rather un-festive problems. The ornaments themselves come in either clear, frosted, or crackled varieties, and work by distance. When the ornament is near the ring, it lights up. When it’s moved away it turns off, no wires or batteries.

Another attractive feature is the AURA’s ability to be connected to Wi-Fi. This, along with the companion iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app, lets users set timers, schedules, and remotely control lights. Incredibly, the ornaments are rated to last 20 years and so their components are encased in glass to ensure they aren’t damaged. Without wires, AURA makes setting up a Christmas tree so much easier. A set of $69 lights can be expected by October 2015, just in time for next Christmas, provided the campaign reaches its $50,000 goal.

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