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FlyShark chomps into the need for typing on the go

The Premise. Although smartphone and tablet keyboards are generally acceptable for writing in short bursts, more involved work ultimately requires the physicality of a Bluetooth keyboard. Unfortunately, many of these keyboards are just badly designed leading to unnecessary typing mistakes, and even the more responsive ones can be bulky, even if they fold.

The Product. Flyshark is a Bluetooth keyboard compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 8 platforms that keeps a slim profile when folded. When unfolded, each full-size key retains that clicky and tactile experience people expect when they type on a physical keyboard, with a life of an estimated five million button presses per key.

An aluminum alloy shell joined together by composite aerospace plastic makes the keyboard extremely sturdy without adding unnecessary heft to the final 130g product. Flyshark also touts a low power Broadcom Bluetooth chip inside the unit giving it a standby time of 60 hours. With white, black, silver, and gold color options along with the choice of a laser engraved set of words or picture, each Flyshark Keyboard is extremely customizable to suit anyone’s needs.

The Pitch. Flyshark’s Kickstarter page is full of detailed information that can veer into the confusing. The video of the product, although certainly not the best, does a great job explaining what the product is and, more importantly, comparing the Flyshark to other competing products (most notably Microsoft’s Surface keyboard). In the video, you also get the chance to check out the build quality and exactly how impressively small it is. Flyshark is aiming for an influx of $30,000 to both mass produce and market the product.

The Perks. Flyshark is offering the retail product in exchange for a contribution of $55. Increments of $10-$15 give you the choice of different color and engraving options. The product is due to ship in September, which would be a contrast to the painful two-year wait backers of crowdfunded Jorno keyboard have endured.

The Potential. Although foldable Bluetooth keyboards are nothing new, Flyshark’s blend of minimalism and materials looks like a strong alternative to what’s out there. Its size and aluminum alloy construction come together in a slim design that will certainly attract those hankering for a comfortable typing solution on the go without having to entertain novel ways to type.. Travelers, businesspeople and students will have their eye on this one.


Solderdoodle Pro helps you complete projects without losing steam

solderdoodleDespite its admittedly light-hearted name, the Solderdoodle Pro tackles some serious issues with current soldering irons on the market. Its 3D-printed, open source cordless design houses a Maxim charge controller and a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that takes three hours to fully charge, eliminating pesky cords from the picture. The tight design culminates in its ability to stay at a temperature of above 700ºF for over an hour, enough time for most garage hobbyists to complete even the most lengthy jobs with minimum battery angst. One Solderdoodle Pro will cost backers $39 USD, with the the project’s creator aiming to raise $37,800 during the month long campaign.


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Buoy protects loved ones from texting temptation in the car

The Premise. Texting and driving is a scourge affecting us all. Few drivers haven’t been tempted by the opportunity to compose a text or check e-mail while sitting at an intersection or navigating down a road, despite increasing technological and legislative attempts to curb such dangerous behavior. Admirable as these attempts have been, they haven’t addressed the fundamental root of the problem: the phone being in the driver’s hands at all.

The Product. Buoy, a sleek dock that mounts to the dashboard of your vehicle, is looking to confront that problem head-on. Using a patented system of proximity sensors, either within a newly manufactured car or an already functioning car with a built in docking station, The product can always detect when the driver’s cell phone is in the car. After a set amount of time, an alarm sounds accompanied by a flashing light to urge the driver to place their phone back in its designated position in the dock. By applying the idea of using behavioral cues similar to seat belt alarms to influence driver actions, DNJ Innovations is looking to position itself as a necessity rather than just an option to major car manufacturers.

The Pitch. Their campaign video not only shows off the 3D-printed Buoy prototype, but the final retail model in all its sleek glory, too. It also clearly explains everything from the legal issues DNJ Innovations had in mind when constructing Buoy to its ultimate goal of getting it into every car manufactured. Their 50 day campaign funding goal of $110,000 will support a full scale production run in the immediate future.

The Perks. The expected retail price for Buoy will be $149.99, but the various perks DNJ Innovations is offering cuts that price down. There’s an early bird special that nets you a Buoy in black for $95 and another, more general perk that does the same for $115. You can choose a different colored Buoy for $125, with bulk options of five or 10 Buoys for $500 and $850. The ultimate perk at $10,000 grants you the opportunity to both meet and talk business with the developers.

The Potential. DNJ Innovations has hit the nail on the head with this idea by approaching it with the kind of thinking that makes the idea itself seem completely obvious after you’ve heard it. In an industry trending heavily towards voice control in the car as a solution to using cell phones while driving, DNJ Innovations has taken a step back to take a look at the problem from fresh angles with Buoy as its result. Both the level of safety Buoy provides along with its relative simplicity should prove extremely attractive to major car manufacturers, as there’s no worry about the potential licensing and/or software issues other, more complicated systems present.