Tiny TravelBuddy charger/portable battery props up in a plug

Smartphones always seem to run out of juice at the worst moments. And as we become increasingly dependent on them, it will continue to happen more and more frequently. TravelBuddy makes sure that when you’re caught with a dead battery and no cord, you’ll be just fine. This small battery plugs into the wall and into your iPhone, without a cord. It provides fast charging on the go. The best part is that it’s a keychain, so you’ll always have it on hand. Coming in five different colors, one TravelBuddy will cost backers $30 at an early price or $35 regularly. This product hopes to raise $10,100 on Kickstarter. Hopefully, TravelBuddy will be compatible with other types of smartphones in the future. Another drawback of the TravelBuddy is that you’d still need an outlet in order for it to work, unlike the similar Buckle Charger. Still, outlets usually aren’t too hard to find and if it charges the phone fast, then all the better.


Solderdoodle Pro helps you complete projects without losing steam

solderdoodleDespite its admittedly light-hearted name, the Solderdoodle Pro tackles some serious issues with current soldering irons on the market. Its 3D-printed, open source cordless design houses a Maxim charge controller and a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that takes three hours to fully charge, eliminating pesky cords from the picture. The tight design culminates in its ability to stay at a temperature of above 700ºF for over an hour, enough time for most garage hobbyists to complete even the most lengthy jobs with minimum battery angst. One Solderdoodle Pro will cost backers $39 USD, with the the project’s creator aiming to raise $37,800 during the month long campaign.