Pon hangs stuff on the wall without puncturing artwork

Hanging up photos and objects at home is a great way to make any room pop. Most use tacks, nails or tape to hang their stuff. The only problem is that tacks can damage posters, nails require expensive frames, and tape can peel paint off of walls.

patent-claimedPon is a hanging system designed for the more thrifty decorator. These metal coils puncture the wall and then grip onto anything from posters to CDs. The object fits snugly inside the coil, which is strong enough to hold a myriad of cool stuff. Pon is made of heat-treated stainless steel, meaning that it will hold its shape even after several uses.

While not the most exciting product in the world, Pon is a nifty little invention, great for college students or young adults who haven’t quite figured out frames yet. It’s made well and can be used in nearly any room in the house, or even at work. One set of 20 will cost backers $7 for delivery in April of this year. Pon hopes to raise $10,000 by March 4.


360 Shelf brings a new twist to holding small items on a wall

Shelf space is key when it comes to trying to organize one’s living space, second only to a good floor plan. The 360 Shelf attempts to offer shelf space for the little things that clutter up life, but it appears that several of them would be needed to really be very useful. Users can choose from multiple angles for the shelf, or affix it so that it is level. The Beachwood shelf units come in four different finishes. Some instillation is required using a single screw for mounting.

It’s not clear what the measurements of the shelf actually are, but it appears to be fairly small, only holding 1-3 small, book-sized or tablet-sized items, depending on the items. Other interesting products designed to help with organizing the home that backers might like to check out include the Shelfie, Bench, and StaX to name a few where getting organized is concerned. This campaign seeks to raise $15,000 by December 23, 2014. Early bird backers get one shelf for $40 with an expected delivery of February 2015.


Tiny TravelBuddy charger/portable battery props up in a plug

Smartphones always seem to run out of juice at the worst moments. And as we become increasingly dependent on them, it will continue to happen more and more frequently. TravelBuddy makes sure that when you’re caught with a dead battery and no cord, you’ll be just fine. This small battery plugs into the wall and into your iPhone, without a cord. It provides fast charging on the go. The best part is that it’s a keychain, so you’ll always have it on hand. Coming in five different colors, one TravelBuddy will cost backers $30 at an early price or $35 regularly. This product hopes to raise $10,100 on Kickstarter. Hopefully, TravelBuddy will be compatible with other types of smartphones in the future. Another drawback of the TravelBuddy is that you’d still need an outlet in order for it to work, unlike the similar Buckle Charger. Still, outlets usually aren’t too hard to find and if it charges the phone fast, then all the better.


LeggyHorse takes your wall photos to another dimension

There’s something about framed art and photos that makes a house a home. Usually, the personality of these items is limited to a single dimension. But LeggyHorse has found a way to use picture frames to create new dimensions for framed art and photos. The frame itself seems to be made of leather and acrylic. It’s lightweight and doesn’t require any tools for pictures to be hung on the wall, but the campaign does not clearly indicate what alternative hanging method is used.

Once in the LeggyHorse frame, pictures can be hung on nearly any flat surface, including wood, plastic, glass and ceramic tile. This product seems like a great way to release that “inner artist” without having to put a great deal of effort and time into being creative and imaginative. For $46, backers get a set that includes 12 connect frames and four regular 4×6 frames. More support gets the larger sizes. Expected delivery is set for February 2015.


CycleSNAP is a simple plastic wall dock for your bike

BxRCvAlCYAA2mUeStoring bicycles in the home can be an overly complicated affair or, in CycleSNAP’s case, an incredibly simple one. Built as a high-strength, durable clamp, it allows you to store bikes either horizontally or vertically simply by inserting a tire into it — just make sure not to miss, dirtying up the wall in the process. It currently supports widths between 1.75″ to 2.25″, and installation involves only a drill. Sporting multiple color options and a highly accessible $14 price point, CycleSNAP will clamp down on some wallets even if the product is ultimately very simple. Inventor Joey King is looking for a cool $15,000 with his campaign.

Accents Organization

Geco Hub organizer crams small items into its grabby grid

The Premise. Keys, bags, phones and other things are essential items for leaving the house. Most people opt to use a special bowl or shelf for their varied accoutrements, but their items tend to get messy when all thrown in the same place. Other storage systems that hang on the wall keep those important accessories in place, but can also make them difficult to access.

The Product. Geco Hub offers a way to keep your accessories handy, but organized at the same time. As the campaign refers to it in a way that tugs at the heartstrings, it is the “home for things without a home.” Using a series of rubber pegs and circles, the hub holds your stuff without poking holes into anything. The shelf is easily assembled and can be adhered or screwed into the wall. This organizational accessory comes in different sizes and colors including black, blue, green, pink and white.

The Pitch. Geco’s campaign starts with a video showing the different ways the product can be used and configured to make different patterns with the colors available. Simon Lyons, the British creator, is a little bland if charming enough in the video. The rest of the campaign shows different design possibilities for the wall fixture and details exactly what the reward tiers offer. Geco hopes to raise £35,000 in their 35-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. One Geco Hub, which is a 5×5 unit, goes for £25 with an estimated delivery date of October 2014. Other perk levels offer different sizes of the hub up to a 15×15 unit for £269. Reward tiers go all the way up to £540.

The Potential. Other products out there have attempted to solve the whole key and letters by the door problem. Most approach it from a more direct stance like the InterDesign Key and Mail Rack that has hooks and a shelf specifically meant for key rings. The Geco Hub is more versatile in what it can hold and, according to the campaign, can hold a great deal of weight. This nifty product is also great for tools or even bathroom accessories making it valuable all over the house. While a little expensive, the Geco Hub is a cool and multipurpose addition for any home.