OneTime Calendar Clock tracks our journey around the sun

For those artistic types who don’t mind the confines that come with being reminded of the time, here is a unique piece of functional art that not only tracks the time, but also the date. One Time Calendar Clock incorporates the colors of the beloved rainbow into the seasons of the year as they connect to the months. Besides the hardcopy version that hangs on the wall, there is also a computer screensaver version. There are plans in the works to develop a computer version that actually keeps track of appointments, and a one time app. It would seem that with some additional effort, this could be made into something that is renewable. Even so, it seems that this product will have some appeal to those who appreciate art, especially art deco. This campaign seeks to raise £5,000 (~$8,000 USD) by November 2014. Early bird backers get a fully assembled wall clock for £49 (~$83 USD) with an expected delivery of January 2015.


ManBuffer is the center console your couch never had

Nothing is more disappointing during those times of relaxing than when the beer and munchies run out and one has to actually get up off the couch and go get more. So the creators of ManBuffer set out to change that. Their apparent mission in life is to find like-minded men who will take on the important life goal of a relaxation station for every American couch – well, okay, other countries can participate too. This center console holds two open cans or beer bottles, and it appears that it stores up to eight in the cooler section. It’s not clear what the measurements are for couch compatibility purposes, but it comes in multiple color choices to help keep the little lady happy. In order to make sure there’s enough room in the fridge for what doesn’t fit in the ManBuffer, backers might also want to check out the Bottleloft campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000 by November 11, 2014. Early bird backers can get theirs for $45, with an expected delivery of December 2014.


WindowKitty lets your tabby see the world without the world seeing you

Every cat lover knows that cats are watchers. Especially when they can find a sunny window that overlooks a high activity area outside. Unfortunately, that can also mean that they bend, break or chew on blinds to hone out their coveted seat. That’s why WindowKitty was created. It fits up to a 36 inch wide window, is collapsible with pushbutton technology, and is portable so it can be moved from window to window or easily stored when not in use. There is a lip on top to keep blinds from falling over the product and a carpeted ledge for kitty’s comfort, as well as a place to hang a toy to add to kitty’s enjoyment. It’s not clear what the product is made of overall, whether a heavy-duty plastic or some other sturdy material. And speaking of pet enjoyment, backers might also like to check out the Pawly interactive pet toy. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 by November 22, 2014. Backers get one product for $75 with an expected delivery of June 2015.

Food and Beverage

Bottleloft lets your brewskies hang out in the fridge

Football, beer and pizza. Now there’s a sports lover’s winning combo! What better way to beat the winter blahs than to have a bunch of friends over for Super Bowl Sunday? Ample space in the refrigerator for storing each delectable culinary delight is crucial to having a successful party. That’s precisely why Bottleloft was invented. This unique strip of magnets helps save and make more space in the refrigerator. A special low temperature application grade of 3M VHB adhesive is used to ensure proper adhesion to the top or the refrigerator shelf unit, and neodymium-grade magnets, which are some of the strongest that are available, hold beer or other beverages in place that have a metal cap. But alas, backers will be limited to a 12 bottle maximum on this. So if it’s a big party, break out the coolers. In fact, Coolest Cooler would be a great fit for just such a party. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by November 9, 2014. For $20, backers get one bottle loft that holds three bottles. Expected delivery is January 2015.


Super Bag Holder helps you grip the groceries

Going to the grocery and dealing with all those bags might be one of the more annoying necessities in life. Toting bags from the car to the house, or perhaps from the store to one’s home can be not only inconvenient, but sometimes a bit rough on the fingers. That’s where Super Bag Holder comes in. The plastic handles are touted as being created from a high-grade, fully recyclable plastic. They appear to clip onto plastic and paper bags easily enough, and are supposed to support a bag weight of up to 30 pounds. In addition, they seem to remain securely in place once attached, and appear to be smooth, compact and lightweight for easy storage in a car glove box, purse or perhaps a jacket pocket. While this does seem like a good idea, there are several similar options from which to choose that are already out in the market. This campaign is seeking to raise $26,000 by November 1, 2014.  For $8, backers get one product in time for Christmas. Super Bag Holder hopes to raise $26,000 during their campaign.

Smart Home

Posiedon rules the tiny seas caused by leaks in your home

Water damage from flooding or leaks can be one of the most costly home or business repairs. Posiedon is a system that catches small problems before they have a chance to become outrageously costly. Battery-operated, wireless sensors get placed throughout the home in areas such as the bathroom, next to a water heater, dishwasher, laundry room, basement, or anyplace where water would be most likely to leak or overflow. The sensors use two leads, that when shorted with water, will trigger an alarm that is connected to a Web site. The Web site alerts the homeowner through their mobile device and a small wall mounted device. All of this is connected to a central controller that monitors the overall system, which is apparently located in the user’s home. It’s unclear as to how much instillation may be involved, if any, for the central controller and wall mounted unit, and whether or not any special software installation skills may be needed, but this seems like a great idea in the making. This campaign is seeking to raise $45,000 by November 10, 2014. For $240, backers get the basic system of the central controller and one sensor. Larger pledges will include more sensors. Expected delivery is May 2015.


LeggyHorse takes your wall photos to another dimension

There’s something about framed art and photos that makes a house a home. Usually, the personality of these items is limited to a single dimension. But LeggyHorse has found a way to use picture frames to create new dimensions for framed art and photos. The frame itself seems to be made of leather and acrylic. It’s lightweight and doesn’t require any tools for pictures to be hung on the wall, but the campaign does not clearly indicate what alternative hanging method is used.

Once in the LeggyHorse frame, pictures can be hung on nearly any flat surface, including wood, plastic, glass and ceramic tile. This product seems like a great way to release that “inner artist” without having to put a great deal of effort and time into being creative and imaginative. For $46, backers get a set that includes 12 connect frames and four regular 4×6 frames. More support gets the larger sizes. Expected delivery is set for February 2015.


Switch Port pioneers the write light

Here’s a rather clever idea for writing notes to self – or anyone else in the house for that matter. Switch Port is a light switch that functions like a small, dry-erase board. Users can write notes or reminders in a location that is easily seen and in full view every time the room is entered. The ink doesn’t get absorbed by the light switch because the surface is enameled in an epoxy. This product will be some easy installation using only a screwdriver. The screws are included with the product as well as the fine point dry erase type marker. It appears that the marker sits relatively securely on a small ledge at the top of Switch Port, but it might be a nice touch to add some Velcro or something that helps to keep the marker secure when not in use so that it doesn’t end up getting knocked to the floor or lost. The item comes in both single and double switch options, with the single being available for $12. Expected delivery is December 2014, and should arrive before the holidays.

Cell Phone Accessories

The Phone Sitter is a phone throne for the bathroom

The Phone Sitter  6b88386fffa1d1483ea6df9b070261ab_large[1]The four hundred billion dollar question posed in connection to this particular campaign via its video: Do you use your phone in the bathroom? Given the fact that 1.4 billion phones have been dropped in the toilet, there are apparently many who do. And the above noted amount is a rough total in losses. The Phone Sitter is a plastic phone mount that is specially designed to dock your phone on your bathroom wall while you dock yourself nearby for a more pressing matter. While it won’t actually do anything to prevent your phone’s demise should it go for a swim in the porcelain pool, the idea is that having a dedicated place to put one’s phone should help avoid positioning that leads to such unfortunate circumstances. The creator’s goal is to get this handy-dandy gadget mounted in every bathroom in America – even in your place of employment. (So much for hiding in the bathroom to escape the boss for a while.) For $30, a backer gets The Phone Sitter in their color choice with an expected delivery of June 2014. Or you could just leave it on the sink


Quickey Multi-Tool unlocks your inner MacGyver

QuicKey  20140305131711-Cover_Specs_3[1]For those of you who have decided that a Swiss Army Knife is too bulky to carry around, Quickey Multi-Tool may be the multi-tool for which you have been longing. It’s about the size of a standard key and you can even attach it to your key ring. Quickey boasts of having five functions: a file, flathead screwdriver, scorer, bottle opener. and serrated edge that functions like a pocket knife. While not the first key-like multitool, the Quickey could certainly come in handy to backers, who can pick one up for $9 with an estimated delivery of April 2014.