Smart Home

Posiedon rules the tiny seas caused by leaks in your home

Water damage from flooding or leaks can be one of the most costly home or business repairs. Posiedon is a system that catches small problems before they have a chance to become outrageously costly. Battery-operated, wireless sensors get placed throughout the home in areas such as the bathroom, next to a water heater, dishwasher, laundry room, basement, or anyplace where water would be most likely to leak or overflow. The sensors use two leads, that when shorted with water, will trigger an alarm that is connected to a Web site. The Web site alerts the homeowner through their mobile device and a small wall mounted device. All of this is connected to a central controller that monitors the overall system, which is apparently located in the user’s home. It’s unclear as to how much instillation may be involved, if any, for the central controller and wall mounted unit, and whether or not any special software installation skills may be needed, but this seems like a great idea in the making. This campaign is seeking to raise $45,000 by November 10, 2014. For $240, backers get the basic system of the central controller and one sensor. Larger pledges will include more sensors. Expected delivery is May 2015.


CombiRadHammer has magnetic effect on radiator sludge

CombiRadHammerPerhaps one of the nastier jobs that comes with owning a home that uses water heat is cleaning the radiator. The sludge and hard deposits that build up over time make for poor water circulation and cold spots that can render a radiator nearly ineffective. That’s why there’s CombiRadHammer. This unique device fits any ‘SDS’ or ‘SDS plus’ drill, and when the hammer setting is used, breaks up the debris through mechanical impact and magnetic disruption. According to the video, the magnet is a Neodymium N52, and is encased in strong plastic casing. For £35, backers get a complete product with an expected delivery of July 2014.