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SmartQSine weighs in with a way to tell when you’re running low on stuff

editors-choiceSome products, like colas, come in clear plastic bottles or glass jars that make it easy to see at a glance when you’re running out. But many don’t. making it easy to run out of whatever is needed whenever it is needed.

To combat this kitchen conundrum, NES Italia has developed the SmartQsine, an oddly named series of small connected scales called pads. They come in two versions. Gold pads communicate with the company’s mobile app and serve as a bridge to less expensive silver pads. Despite the colorful names, both versions are white. SmartQsine also has commercial applications alerting shop owners when they’re low on certain products. The company seeks $80,000 by May 28.  While reward tiers include various combinations of gold and silver pads, a gold pad starts at $439 and should be delivered by August.

SmartQsine is a bit like the Neo Smart Jar, which is designed more to gauge the age of items rather than their level. The Neo has some nifty recipe applications, but the SmartQsine pads can be used with a wide range of containers and is less expensive. It also owes a bit to Quirky’s Refuel, which detects the level of a propane tank by its weight. Its low price and flexible configuration point the way to a future of smart refrigerators and cabinets.


Super Bag Holder helps you grip the groceries

Going to the grocery and dealing with all those bags might be one of the more annoying necessities in life. Toting bags from the car to the house, or perhaps from the store to one’s home can be not only inconvenient, but sometimes a bit rough on the fingers. That’s where Super Bag Holder comes in. The plastic handles are touted as being created from a high-grade, fully recyclable plastic. They appear to clip onto plastic and paper bags easily enough, and are supposed to support a bag weight of up to 30 pounds. In addition, they seem to remain securely in place once attached, and appear to be smooth, compact and lightweight for easy storage in a car glove box, purse or perhaps a jacket pocket. While this does seem like a good idea, there are several similar options from which to choose that are already out in the market. This campaign is seeking to raise $26,000 by November 1, 2014.  For $8, backers get one product in time for Christmas. Super Bag Holder hopes to raise $26,000 during their campaign.