The Haikara Smartwatch brings long battery life

A new smartwatch has been launched on Indiegogo which offers a 7 day battery life from a single charge and has been specifically designed for fashion aficionados around the world and those that like simple clean designs. Available to back from $199 for …

Source: Haikara Smartwatch (video)

Connected Objects

This smart padlock for travelers has an organic shape

Developer and designer Veau de Lanouvelle has created a new Bluetooth smart padlock which has been created for today’s modern travellers and provides a way of both securing their luggage as well as weighing it to make sure it’s within guidelines before …

Source: CHEN Bluetooth Smart Padlock for Travellers (video)


The Decibel is a modular speaker for people who hate buying new …

TThe Decibel is a modular speaker for people who hate buying new … The Verge It’s been a few months since Google’s Project Ara was canceled, but the dream of modular technology is still alive and well. It’s a tantalizing notion: imagine if you … and more »

Source: The Decibel is a modular speaker for people who hate buying new …


Speculo Smart Mirror Unveiled From $150 (video)

Geeky Gadgets Speculo Smart Mirror Unveiled From $150 (video) Geeky Gadgets Christopher Shaw has created a new smart mirror called the Speculo which is now available to back priced at $150 and is expected to start shipping throughout the United States during August 2017.

Source: Speculo Smart Mirror Unveiled From $150 (video)


Plug’s beefy battery can power anything you need off the grid

Once a novel idea, our growing need for smartphone connectivity has spawned an endless supply of battery chargers. Many of these range from tiny keychain trinkets to more substantial slabs that offer two to three charges of smartphones boasting the biggest internal batteries.

To really stand out, though, you need to something big and different. ChargeTech knows this as the company has released a series of portable charging units including this charger charger that can keep a series of charging bricks topped off.Aafter hitting Indiegogo back in 2014 with what it claimed was the world’s smallest battery pack with an AC outlet, it’s with Plug, which houses a massive 48,000 mAh battery and two AC outlets as well as a USB-C port. How is capable of outputting  250 volts, which means it is robust enough to handle a desktop computer, a monitor, a television, a blender and many other electrical items one normally wouldn’t expect to use away from a wall.

Kids/Babies Networking

Torch router sheds a light on how kids use the Web, can make access flame out

Every day it seems there’s some new service cropping up on the Internet that draws time away from something else. Monitoring the length and safety of screen time of kids online can be a constant battle.

Seeking to shed light on that situation, though, is Torch, a simple router designed to help parents monitor where kids go on the Web and how much time they spend there. Its Web management console includes sections to pause and track data usage by child and search history.

Tablet Accessories

Quarter keeps the Apple Pencil right by the side of the iPad Pro

The first six or seven iPads from Apple really didn’t change very much. Yes, they got faster, thinner, lighter and sported higher resolution as the software steadily improved. But after the launch of the iPad mini, the product didn’t really break into a lot of new territory.

That changed this fall, when Apple took the iPad to new new heights (and widths) with the iPad Pro. Boasting a 12.9″ display, its screen is larger than that of some MacBooks. Indeed, Apple has made its capabilities a bit closer to the MacBooks’ as well by announcing a keyboard cover that attaches magnetically. It also announced the Apple Pencil, a stylus designed primarily for creative work. There’s no issue keeping the cover on the iPad Pro (because it’s, well, a cover). However, the Apple Pencil — unlike the digital pen for the Surface Pro — lacks any way to connect to the device for which it provides input.

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Smartphone cameras rise up to conquer the DSLR with the Light L16

editors-choiceThe power of high-quality photography has never been in the hands of so many. But for all the incredible progress that smartphone cameras have made, there’s still a wide gulf between the tools pros use and those in most people’s pockets. Indeed, even if DSLRs were cheap and simple, their size would make carrying around most places prohibitive.

Light is seeking to take on some of those issues with its first camera dubbed the L16. It is so-named for the 16 smartphone-class imaging  modules in its Swiss cheese-like frame. When the Android device’s shutter is pressed, the camera uses 10 of those lenses to capture images up to an amazing 52 megapixels at a range of zoom levels. By taking photos at different exposures, The L16 takes exceptional low light photos according to the company. It can also perform some of the same tricks at the Lytro cameras, notably adjusting the focus after the photo is taken.

News may make Indiegogo easier to navigate

Indiegogo’s launch of, a personal fundraising site in the spirit of GoFundMe, continues the work that the company started with Indiegogo Life. Much of the focus of the site has been around the lower fee structures that Generosity campaigns will have to pay. That’s a big plus for some of the truly needy cases that would take advantage of the site.

However, in true karmic fashion. Generosity could wind up giving back to its parent site. As an open platform, Indiegogo has never banned personal charity campaigns from its flagship site. And while that has resulted in some relatively good exposure for those campaigns, they often are not necessarily the kinds of projects that Indiegogo backers are interested in funding when they seek out categories such as Tech and Design. By guiding those campaigns over to Generosity, it clears the field for projects that are more of interest to early adopters than philanthropists.



Ultimate Hacking Keyboard makes programmable typing a split decision

These days, there’s a lot of focus on input options for tablets and smartphones, but there’s still an awful lot of typing happening on PCs. In fact, it’s the tool most professionals turn to when people need to do there most intensive data entry.

And for keyboard users such as developers, gamers and  writers, the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHK, it could really use a better name) is a new spin on a long line of curved, so-called “ergonomic” keyboards attempted in the past by Apple and in several iterations by Microsoft. While it looks — save for the phone cord above its number row — like a traditional keyboard when being transported, the halves of the UHK split apart from their magnetic bond to allow exceptional flexibility in the typing angle for the hands and it’s one of the few split keyboards that can be readjusted at any time.