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Quarter keeps the Apple Pencil right by the side of the iPad Pro

The first six or seven iPads from Apple really didn’t change very much. Yes, they got faster, thinner, lighter and sported higher resolution as the software steadily improved. But after the launch of the iPad mini, the product didn’t really break into a lot of new territory.

That changed this fall, when Apple took the iPad to new new heights (and widths) with the iPad Pro. Boasting a 12.9″ display, its screen is larger than that of some MacBooks. Indeed, Apple has made its capabilities a bit closer to the MacBooks’ as well by announcing a keyboard cover that attaches magnetically. It also announced the Apple Pencil, a stylus designed primarily for creative work. There’s no issue keeping the cover on the iPad Pro (because it’s, well, a cover). However, the Apple Pencil — unlike the digital pen for the Surface Pro — lacks any way to connect to the device for which it provides input.

Seeking to bridge that gap is Quarter, a small holster for the Apple Pencil that docks into the Lightning port of the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil slides in so that it never need be far from the tablet. For a simple device, Quarter exhibits some thoughtful design elements. When the iPad Pro is in use, Quarter can act as a miniature upright stand for the Apple Pencil and there’s also provisions to use it while the iPad Pro or the Pencil are charging. There’s even a small nub to keep the lid of the Apple Pencil nearby and secure.  Designer Jason Lim seeks $4,632 by November 11th. The Quarter is available in limited quantities for about $6. It’s expected to ship in December.

Any device that allows a large protuberance to dangle off the Lightning port in a semi-permanent manner may cause some concern and other solutions to mate the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro will surely materialize as the devices come to market. But if you’re careful, the Quarter is surprisingly multifunctional and a very affordable option.


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