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Nucleus intercom system avoids the horror of walking to another room

The intercom of yesteryear is a patently outdated fixture in most homes. So much so, in fact, that most homeowners probably don’t even use it. Considering the increasingly connected direction homes are going in, intercoms are wildly limited in scope and unpleasant to look at to boot.

Taking a product name page out of Gavin Belson’s playbook, Nucleus hopes to become the modern intercom system for the connected home. The Wi-Fi enabled, slimly-shaped slab can either be mounted on a wall or propped up on a table to facilitate instant communication with any other Nucleus device around the world with a tap or voice command. The company boasts connection speeds of less than 200 milliseconds, or about the time it takes someone to blink, through tight integration of all components and software.

That, along with a wide-angle lens, microphone, and HD speakers come together to create a product that the company sees families using to quickly ask for help around the house or have grandma never miss a moment of baby’s life. The $179 device is currently available to pre-order, although a ship date is unknown at the moment.

Wisely avoiding self-aggrandizing rhetoric,  Nucleus is presented very matter-of-factly, reflecting the product’s utility. Music streaming functionality along with custom privacy settings allow for full control over everything Nucleus does — even if most consumers will probably need more than one, upping the price of admission considerably to the full experience without being tethered to a smartphone or tablet.

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