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Quarter keeps the Apple Pencil right by the side of the iPad Pro

The first six or seven iPads from Apple really didn’t change very much. Yes, they got faster, thinner, lighter and sported higher resolution as the software steadily improved. But after the launch of the iPad mini, the product didn’t really break into a lot of new territory.

That changed this fall, when Apple took the iPad to new new heights (and widths) with the iPad Pro. Boasting a 12.9″ display, its screen is larger than that of some MacBooks. Indeed, Apple has made its capabilities a bit closer to the MacBooks’ as well by announcing a keyboard cover that attaches magnetically. It also announced the Apple Pencil, a stylus designed primarily for creative work. There’s no issue keeping the cover on the iPad Pro (because it’s, well, a cover). However, the Apple Pencil — unlike the digital pen for the Surface Pro — lacks any way to connect to the device for which it provides input.

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Sawtooth dock charger holds up to six devices in its jaws

Most smartphone or tablet docks tend to handle only one or two mobile devices at a time. That’s fine for a single person living alone, but not so handy for a home with multiple people who each own at least two devices that need to constantly remain charged.

The Sawtooth dock charger features six USB ports and a series of ridges that can accommodate the same number of mobile devices. Its design was inspired by the sawtooth roof architecture of the early 19th century. Each port can charge up to 2.4 amps of power independently. Additionally, each port is equipped with OptimalPeak technology that automatically detects and selects the optimal charging amps for each specific device.

One particularly standout feature is the product’s ability to be connected to other Sawtooth docks, thus enabling multiple docks with six devices each to work in unison with just one wall outlet. This feature should certainly come in handy for classrooms and businesses. Sawtooth will ship in April at $85 for Kickstarter backers, with retail pricing expected to be about 20 percent higher. Its maker is looking to raise $10,000 by April 12.

Sawtooth stands to be appealing to many consumers with multiple mobile devices in their homes, as well as in classrooms that use multiple devices. Its feature set clearly stands out among rival products like the Varius Dock.

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Air Dock 2.0 wirelessly charges your phone while driving

Charging a cellphone while driving can be a chore when wires are involved.  Not to mention how unsafe it can be fiddling around with cords and outlets. The Air Dock 2.0 is a wireless car charger and dock for smartphones and tablets that features Qi inductive charging technology, so there is no need for fumbling around while placing a device on the dock.

The face of the Air Dock is made of nanosuction foam, so mounting a phone or tablet is as simple as placing it on the dock. Suction cups secure a mobile device to the dock without leaving any residue. Phones or cases with non-glossy surfaces may slip on the nanosuction foam, so the Air Dock comes with a magnetic sticker that guarantees reliable attachment to those non-glossy surfaces. Backers who provide $79 for the device’s Indiegogo campaign will get an Air Dock 2.0 with the mount of the buyer’s choice from a selection of four. The dock’s makers are looking to raise $85,000  as part of what is their second Air Dock campaign.

Many consumers will likely find the device handy. The CD mount option, which repurposes a car’s CD player, slipping into the CD slot and then expanding to hold itself firmly in place, is an especially interesting concept. But the device is rather costly for a charging dock, which could turn off some consumers. Although the device is compatible with many smartphones, some will require additional hardware or a case to be compatible with the dock.


CycleSNAP is a simple plastic wall dock for your bike

BxRCvAlCYAA2mUeStoring bicycles in the home can be an overly complicated affair or, in CycleSNAP’s case, an incredibly simple one. Built as a high-strength, durable clamp, it allows you to store bikes either horizontally or vertically simply by inserting a tire into it — just make sure not to miss, dirtying up the wall in the process. It currently supports widths between 1.75″ to 2.25″, and installation involves only a drill. Sporting multiple color options and a highly accessible $14 price point, CycleSNAP will clamp down on some wallets even if the product is ultimately very simple. Inventor Joey King is looking for a cool $15,000 with his campaign.

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DuoScreen is your laptop’s better half for productivity and gaming

Laptops are great for getting things done on the go, making productivity a constant no matter where the work is located. But when the workstation of choice is set up with an expansive, dual-monitor display, moving to the single screen of a laptop can be prohibitive, frustrating, and a hindrance to productivity.

DuoScreen is a solution to bring a second screen to laptops in a way that’s never been done before. By attaching a housing to the bottom of the laptop, DuoScreen raises and tilts the laptop forward slightly for ergonomic purposes, and has ventilation to keep notebooks from overheating, but that’s just the extra features. The DuoScreen holds a second screen, powered and connected through a solitary USB port, that slides out, flips up, and is supported by the laptop’s weight so that it doesn’t take up any extra desk space.

The 15.6” LED screen supports resolution up to 1920×1080, meaning there’s no sacrifice when it comes to display quality. Additionally, the screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees, perfect for an impromptu presentation or collaboration session. The DuoScreen holds laptops in place on its base with elastic straps, meaning there’s no risk of damaging the case of the laptop, and that it can fit many different models and sizes. The inventors at Nomadz have their target goal of $100,000 to pay for production. Anyone looking to add a screen to their laptop can grab a DuoScreen for $239 in May 2015.

The crowdfunding product space is proving that adding a second screen to laptops is an issue that needs addressing as soon as possible. While DuoScreen may have just a little too much size and thickness to make it practically portable, the amount of extra little touches could make it a great option for certain laptop power users, much like the similar Packed Pixels.


Juice charges your iPad when its back’s against the wall

juiceBetween their functionality and they’re minimalist modern design, iPads look at home anywhere shy of a log cabin. Juice, a new breed of charging dock for iPads takes that idea and runs with it. With hidden wiring, the Juice is a sleek, efficient on-wall dock that holds and stores an iPad 2-4 (with Air supported via stretch goal). The iPad is fully functional while charging and can be set up as a smart home control center or just a temporary photo frame. Of course, it’s up to you to figure out a way to get the juice to juice through the wall. With support for both Lightning and 30-pin connectors, Juice will be available in August to those who pledge at least £39.

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keyDock offers an iPhone charge at the end of your Apple keyboard

keyDockAs Apple’s machines get further and further away from having the jungle of wires a personal computer usually comes with, any accessories being developed for the Apple brand ought to have the same philosophy in mind. Hence, the keyDock for iPhone provides an unintrusive, simple phone dock that connects through the USB port on the side of the keyboard, keeping surfaces tidy while still providing all the features of a standard dock. Available in six different colors and with Lightning or 30-pin connectors for different models of iPhone, the keyDock is due out in July 2014 and backers who pledge €10 can get connected.

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EverDock Go makes a place for your phone in your car

EverDoc Go  74b3184395e9314f7c5235caf0bea3e2_large[1]Most people like to have their phone with them when they are on the go. There are multiple car docks out there for mobiles, but EverDock Go seems to be more universal to the variety of phones that people use. Rather than attaching to the windshield with suction or mounting on the dash, the solid-looking dock is designed to fit in your car’s cup holder — cutting down on dashboard clutter but requiring looking away a bit more for navigation tasks. For $35, backers get one product, which is $15 off of the anticipated retail price. Expected delivery is September 2014.

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Bench brings organization, docking station

Bench  b23d0a3ec86f8b94fb29abca099c9173_large[1]Tablets, iPhones, pens, pencils, paper, and other important things always seem like they’ve sprouted legs and have run off somewhere when you want them. With spring right around the corner, Bench aims to cater to the ambitious souls out there who are thinking thoughts like, How can I organize the mess that I can still find? The glorified desk organizer is ten inches long and made of acrylic plastic. It’s lined with acrylic foam so as not to scratch or damage tablets, iPhones or other gadgets. While there are many gadget docks and desk organizers out there, Bench seems to be the first to combine the two concepts. For $20 backers get one Bench and an estimated delivery of May 2014.

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Jakket keeps iPhone’s plug wound about town

Jakket d6666959fac436d9d8013c3505da314a_large[1]Long days, extended stays, and the entire family having matching adapter cords makes dealing with gadget cords a hassle. But it’s those very annoyances that ushered in the idea for Jakket. It’s designed for the Apple 5 watt adapter ~ iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad Air, iPad mini and new generation iPods. Not only does the adapter come in multiple colors that can be assigned to each family member or gadget, but it also comes with an adjustable strap for keeping cords organized and gadgets docked. Competition might be a bit stiff for this campaign given the fact that there are campaigns on Backerjack with similar ideas (Tidy, Kero and Ark). For a pledge of at least $10, backers get one Jakket in their color choice with an expected delivery of June 2014. Jakket is made in the USA and offers free shipping within the US.