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WonderCube is a multi-talented smartphone charger you won’t want to leave at home

One problem with smartphones is that they require users to carry around multiple accessories, most notably a charging device. Sometimes, this isn’t always the most efficient way to travel and go about one’s day.

The WonderCube — a tiny device featuring eight-in-one mobile functions —  aims to end that problem. The WonderCubs is small enough such that it can conveniently be attached to a key ring. Some of its features include a foldout flexible USB cord measuring 3 inches when extended; gold-plated connectors that allow quick charging through any USB port; USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality that provides 64 GB of smartphone storage via a built-in microSD card reader; a battery charger that allows users to plug in a 9-volt battery in order to provide an emergency power boost to a depleted phone battery; a mini LED flashlight; and a phone stand function that can be used in either portrait or landscape mode.

WonderCube’s cable can be used for quick file transfers and backups, as well as for syncing photos, music and videos. Notably, transfers and backups can be achieved even when a network connection isn’t available. The device is scheduled to ship in August in two versions –- one with an Apple Lightning connector for iOS devices and another with a micro USB connector. Each version will set you back $69. Its maker set a goal of raising $50,000 by April 15.

The WonderCube has a lot of potential on account of its small size and its many mobile functions. To be fair, not all of those features are clear winners. Specifically, it’s debatable whether or not smartphone users really need a mini flashlight when there are already multiple apps capable of providing that feature. The OTG function also only works on Android devices for now, although iOS compatibility is expected to be added.

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Nubo turns your iPhone into a little animatronic toy

Nubo 0fdfe40a11e00aec27ec850e5147e06d_large[1]It’s alive, master! For those of you who have become bored with your phone in its present state, Nubo has created something of a lively, pocket-sized companion. Three specialized apps and a silicon case named Nubot that looks a bit like a little green pet an alien might find in a Mars gift shop (if there were such thing) all give your phone the personality you’ve probably been longing for it to have. It waves, dances, and can even become moody – just in case you don’t already have enough moody people in your life. For $150 a backer gets a Nubot and estimated delivery of April 2014.

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Bench brings organization, docking station

Bench  b23d0a3ec86f8b94fb29abca099c9173_large[1]Tablets, iPhones, pens, pencils, paper, and other important things always seem like they’ve sprouted legs and have run off somewhere when you want them. With spring right around the corner, Bench aims to cater to the ambitious souls out there who are thinking thoughts like, How can I organize the mess that I can still find? The glorified desk organizer is ten inches long and made of acrylic plastic. It’s lined with acrylic foam so as not to scratch or damage tablets, iPhones or other gadgets. While there are many gadget docks and desk organizers out there, Bench seems to be the first to combine the two concepts. For $20 backers get one Bench and an estimated delivery of May 2014.

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Léaf Mount makes smartphones, small tablets stand up, your wallet wilt

Léaf MountFor those who have decided that a tablet is much easier to tote around than their laptop, Léaf Mount makes a gadget stand that allows your device to function like a PC monitor. It’s primarily compatible with iPad (the mini, at least), Android phones, iPhones and smartphones with a flat back. The mount is made of aerospace-grade aluminum with micro suction pads at the base to keep the mount stable. It’s also collapsible and comes with its own case for easy transport. While there are a plethora of tablet stands available, Léaf Mount might have the classiest ring to it. Léaf also had a campaign last year that was a success. For at least $45, backers get a complete Léaf Mount product with an estimated delivery of July 2014.