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Air Dock 2.0 wirelessly charges your phone while driving

Charging a cellphone while driving can be a chore when wires are involved.  Not to mention how unsafe it can be fiddling around with cords and outlets. The Air Dock 2.0 is a wireless car charger and dock for smartphones and tablets that features Qi inductive charging technology, so there is no need for fumbling around while placing a device on the dock.

The face of the Air Dock is made of nanosuction foam, so mounting a phone or tablet is as simple as placing it on the dock. Suction cups secure a mobile device to the dock without leaving any residue. Phones or cases with non-glossy surfaces may slip on the nanosuction foam, so the Air Dock comes with a magnetic sticker that guarantees reliable attachment to those non-glossy surfaces. Backers who provide $79 for the device’s Indiegogo campaign will get an Air Dock 2.0 with the mount of the buyer’s choice from a selection of four. The dock’s makers are looking to raise $85,000  as part of what is their second Air Dock campaign.

Many consumers will likely find the device handy. The CD mount option, which repurposes a car’s CD player, slipping into the CD slot and then expanding to hold itself firmly in place, is an especially interesting concept. But the device is rather costly for a charging dock, which could turn off some consumers. Although the device is compatible with many smartphones, some will require additional hardware or a case to be compatible with the dock.

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Léaf Mount makes smartphones, small tablets stand up, your wallet wilt

Léaf MountFor those who have decided that a tablet is much easier to tote around than their laptop, Léaf Mount makes a gadget stand that allows your device to function like a PC monitor. It’s primarily compatible with iPad (the mini, at least), Android phones, iPhones and smartphones with a flat back. The mount is made of aerospace-grade aluminum with micro suction pads at the base to keep the mount stable. It’s also collapsible and comes with its own case for easy transport. While there are a plethora of tablet stands available, Léaf Mount might have the classiest ring to it. Léaf also had a campaign last year that was a success. For at least $45, backers get a complete Léaf Mount product with an estimated delivery of July 2014.