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Sawtooth dock charger holds up to six devices in its jaws

Most smartphone or tablet docks tend to handle only one or two mobile devices at a time. That’s fine for a single person living alone, but not so handy for a home with multiple people who each own at least two devices that need to constantly remain charged.

The Sawtooth dock charger features six USB ports and a series of ridges that can accommodate the same number of mobile devices. Its design was inspired by the sawtooth roof architecture of the early 19th century. Each port can charge up to 2.4 amps of power independently. Additionally, each port is equipped with OptimalPeak technology that automatically detects and selects the optimal charging amps for each specific device.

One particularly standout feature is the product’s ability to be connected to other Sawtooth docks, thus enabling multiple docks with six devices each to work in unison with just one wall outlet. This feature should certainly come in handy for classrooms and businesses. Sawtooth will ship in April at $85 for Kickstarter backers, with retail pricing expected to be about 20 percent higher. Its maker is looking to raise $10,000 by April 12.

Sawtooth stands to be appealing to many consumers with multiple mobile devices in their homes, as well as in classrooms that use multiple devices. Its feature set clearly stands out among rival products like the Varius Dock.

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Indi robotic dock waves arms to signal you have a phone call

The problem with putting a mobile phone in vibrate mode is that the user will often miss an important call, especially when the phone is kept on a desk at work and there is no way to feel or hear the vibration. The Indi robotic phone dock from a U.K. inventor is attempting to resolve that issue.

The dock has a set of robotic arms that signal when a phone call is coming in. The device consists of a docking unit containing an Arduino micro-controller and an app that users will be prompted to download the first time they plug it into a phone. Initially, the device will only support Android phones, but iPhone support is on its way. Backers who pledge £35 (~$53) will get one when it ships in May as part of an early bird discount deal on its Kickstarter campaign. Indi’s maker is hoping to raise £2,500 (~$3,800).

Indi is a clever spin on the traditional phone dock. It could be especially useful to hard-of-hearing smartphone users. But one inherent drawback is that it is only useful when the user is stationary. Even then, however, if the user is busy, it is possible that person won’t see the small robotic dock’s arms moving when a phone call comes in.

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Air Dock 2.0 wirelessly charges your phone while driving

Charging a cellphone while driving can be a chore when wires are involved.  Not to mention how unsafe it can be fiddling around with cords and outlets. The Air Dock 2.0 is a wireless car charger and dock for smartphones and tablets that features Qi inductive charging technology, so there is no need for fumbling around while placing a device on the dock.

The face of the Air Dock is made of nanosuction foam, so mounting a phone or tablet is as simple as placing it on the dock. Suction cups secure a mobile device to the dock without leaving any residue. Phones or cases with non-glossy surfaces may slip on the nanosuction foam, so the Air Dock comes with a magnetic sticker that guarantees reliable attachment to those non-glossy surfaces. Backers who provide $79 for the device’s Indiegogo campaign will get an Air Dock 2.0 with the mount of the buyer’s choice from a selection of four. The dock’s makers are looking to raise $85,000  as part of what is their second Air Dock campaign.

Many consumers will likely find the device handy. The CD mount option, which repurposes a car’s CD player, slipping into the CD slot and then expanding to hold itself firmly in place, is an especially interesting concept. But the device is rather costly for a charging dock, which could turn off some consumers. Although the device is compatible with many smartphones, some will require additional hardware or a case to be compatible with the dock.

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Z-Charge keeps your phone and tablet bedside so they won’t hog the blanket

For those who can’t bear to be parted from their gadgets to the point that they even sleep with them, there is now an option to allow owner and gadget to share the bed…sort of. Z-Charge is a cloth-looking unit that stretches across the bed under the mattress. Velcro strips and the mattress on top help to hold it in place. Three pockets hang over the bed on either side, allowing for up to six gadgets to be charged at once via USB ports, and the entire unit simply plugs into the wall to power the chargers.

It appears to be fairly universal overall, with pockets of multiple sizes on each side to accommodate a total of two eReaders, two tablets and two iPhones. This campaign seeks to raise €40,000 (~$50,000 USD) by November 20, 2014. For €44 (~$55 USD), backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015, and a Christmas postcard stating that it is on the way for those who may want to use it for a gift.

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Arch-y piggybacks onto your cable to prop up your iPhone

One nice thing about using an iPhone alarm clock app is that if the power goes out at night, it doesn’t mess up the clock or cause a person to be late getting up and going to work. Arch-y offers a docking station that also allows the iPhone to charge while sitting up on its side. And it doesn’t matter which side one chooses. Arch-y also allows the user to keep their phone in its case in most instances. While this is a great idea, there are quite a few docking stations out there, and some of them do already allow the user to charge their phone while it is docked. In addition, this one is designed with only an Apple in mind. However, this particular docking station is much more minimalist than the average docking station, which can be a nice benefit when using it on a night stand or desk. This campaign is seeking to raise $15,000 by November 1, 2014.  For $10, backers get one product by December 2014 with free shipping.