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The New Glif keeps your smartphone photos on the level

As the cameras on smartphones get better and better, the need for a good tripod mount to take better photos on those smartphones keeps growing also.

The New Glif is a redesigned version of the pioneering Glif tripod mount for the iPhone 4 that adds new features and now works with the latest iPhones. The mount’s makers have focused on a quick release mechanism, as well as portrait and landscape support, with the new model.


PompAdapter brings faster charging to existing devices

It’s a common problem. A phone call must be made, but there is no power left on one’s smartphone. Attaching a charging cable is easy, but typically results in a long wait until there is enough juice to make a call.

patent-claimedPompAdapter is a universal power adapter that doubles the charging speed of any mobile device charging cable that a user already owns. The patent-pending (in China) accessory can be used with any laptop or notebook computer, and any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. PompAdapter just needs to be plugged into any device charger. PompAdapter ships in August at future pricing of $39.99. But Indiegogo backers can get one for a pledge starting at $19 for early birds. Its makers are looking to raise $3,500 by June 2.

This device is a handy one for just about any consumers who own mobile devices –- especially when traveling. An additional plus is that PompAdapter won’t drain a device’s battery even if it remains connected all night long, its makers say.

Cell Phone Accessories Imaging

Pictar helps iPhone users take better pictures

Smartphones continue to be the most popular devices for consumers to take photos with. But, despite the ongoing improvements that have been made to smartphone cameras’ megapixels and other features, dedicated cameras -– especially ILC (Interchangeable Lens Camera) models –- still offer several technical advantages.

patent-claimedPictar is an iPhone camera grip that enhances the camera functionality of Apple’s product in several ways beyond just the ability to grip the iPhone better while taking a photograph or shooting video. Pictar also adds full external control of all camera shooting functions. For example, its shutter button offers a half press mode to lock focus and exposure for easy tracking of a moving object or to create a desired composition, as well as full press for immediate shutter release.

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Duplex Case grafts a second phone onto the back of an iPhone 6

Sometimes it would be handy to have a second smartphone on hand. That way, if one of them runs out of juice, the second device can be used to make an urgent phone call. But having two separate devices would be a hassle also because it would require a consumer to buy a second smartphone and then schlep both devices around.

Duplex is a case for the iPhone 6 that doubles as a second smartphone. Its back panel acts as a smartphone, complete with a display. Meanwhile, the case also charges the iPhone. The iPhone Duplex Case frame’s dimensions are 142.3 x 70.5 x 8.3mm, its main body thickness is 6mm, and its total weight is 74 grams.

Duplex ships in June. Future pricing isn’t available. But early bird Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge starting at $49. Its makers have a modest goal of raising $5,000 by May 11. This is a device that many consumers may find handy. For now, the major obstacle is the fact that it is only for iPhone 6 users. But its makers are developing similar cases for other unspecified models.


Cell Phone Accessories Imaging

Smart Shoot shows your smartphone around a scene for picture-perfect control

Smartphones have become the go-to device for many people to take photos and shoot video with. But they tend to lack several of the high-end features that are typically featured in standalone digital cameras and camcorders, including facial recognition.

Smart Shoot is a pan and tilt, motorized mount for smartphones that provides face recognition, intelligent tracking and free-hand shooting. It uses Bluetooth and works in conjunction with Android and iOS smartphones The product starts shipping in June. Future pricing isn’t provided via its Kickstarter campaign. But early bird backers can get one for a pledge starting at $88. Its maker hopes to raise $80,000 by April 3.

The device has some things in common with Galileo and Swivl, two earlier Kickstarter-funded projects. However, Galileo is designed to work with iOS mobile devices and GoPro cameras, while Swivl can be used with Android and iOS devices, as well as DSLR cameras. The largest potential obstacle for Smart Shoot is that –- from its campaign video, anyway — it doesn’t seem to move as smoothly as the earlier devices.

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ProShot waterproof iPhone 6 case sets its sights on GoPro competition

The enhanced cameras on Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones offer some of the same functionality as action cameras. But consumers who spend hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone are likely not going to want to risk damaging it during extreme sports activities. The iPhone is also not waterproof.

patent-claimedProShot is a waterproof case for the iPhone 6 and 6s whose makers are positioning as a rival to GoPro action cams. The case comes with two interchangeable lids that can handle extreme environments, including a Deep Dive lid that is waterproof down to 90 feet, according to its Kickstarter campaign. The case is also shockproof and can be mounted on nearly any surface, it says. An app for iOS enables the user to switch between slow motion, photo and video using buttons on the ProShot.

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Shot iPhone accessory takes a shot at virtual reality market

Virtual reality has become one of the hottest new technologies. But at least some of the devices using the technology are costly. Others –- like the AirVR mount that just straps a mobile device to the user’s head –- look even less comfortable and more awkward than the bulkiest of virtual reality headsets.

Shot is an affordable lens attachment for iPhones that, combined with an accompanying app, creates virtual reality videos and photos that can be shared. The attachment easily slides onto the smartphone and is made up of its own two lenses that increase the field of view of the smartphone’s camera.

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CoBattery iPhone case replaces conventional charging with swappable batteries

The main problem with iPhones and other smartphones continues to be how quickly their battery power gets drained after each full charge.

CoBattery is an iPhone case that addresses the problem by replacing conventional charging with swappable batteries. The light case comes with two batteries and a charging dock. One battery stays in the case, keeping the iPhone charged, while the other battery stays in the charging dock. When users come home after several hours away, they just need to swap the used battery with the one in the dock, providing them with a fully charged smartphone in seconds. Each CoBattery will ship in December with a case, two batteries and a charging dock at $75. Its maker is hoping to raise $60,000 by June 4.

The benefits of swappable batteries continue to be debated. Samsung left them behind in its latest phones while LG embraced them. There are already many iPhone charging cases, including the Charge Case. But CoBattery should be competitive thanks to its swappable battery concept. Each of its batteries offers 2.5 times more battery life than a regular iPhone, according to its Kickstarter campaign. Negatives include the lack of iPhone 5c and 6+ support, but CoBattery’s maker intends to support more iPhone models in the future, in addition to Android and possibly other operating systems.



Type on the go with ease with Qii’s full-sized, rollable, and extremely portable Bluetooth keyboard

The big problem with most smartphone and tablet keyboards is that they are too difficult to type on for very long. Ultimately, a Bluetooth keyboard is required for writing anything substantive in length. Unfortunately, though, many Bluetooth keyboards are poorly designed and not very portable.

Qii solves that dilemma with a clever solution. Qii is a full-sized QWERTY keyboard that can be rolled up and stored in a user’s pocket. The keyboard is versatile insofar as its compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Palm mobile devices. The keyboard was designed using nanotechnology and organic electronics, according to its Indiegogo campaign video. It costs $99 and is scheduled to ship in October. Its maker is hoping to raise $890,000 by April 3.

Qii could be appealing to many consumers thanks to its portability and compatibility with multiple mobile device operating systems. Its rollaway design makes it a superior portable solution than other foldable keyboards such as the Flyshark or TextBlade. Still, it’s a bit hard to tell from the video how easy Qii will be on users’ fingers.


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The Phantom toots its horn as a desk light and wireless charger

Here we have something for art deco lovers that doubles as a desk light and wireless phone charger. The fact that Phantom is shaped like a horn may make it especially appealing to musical types. In addition to wireless convenience, there is still a USB port charger available so that more than one device can apparently be charged at a time. Phantom seems to be primarily compatible with Nokia 1520 and LG Nexus5, though it appears it may be able to be adapted for several Samsung and Galaxy products and some iPhones.

In a similar vein, check out Granola Strolla for something more eco-friendly in nature. The Phantom campaign seeks to raise $2,900 by October 30. Early bird backers can get one product for $55, which is half off of the anticipated retail price, with an expected delivery of January 2015.