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ProShot waterproof iPhone 6 case sets its sights on GoPro competition

The enhanced cameras on Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones offer some of the same functionality as action cameras. But consumers who spend hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone are likely not going to want to risk damaging it during extreme sports activities. The iPhone is also not waterproof.

patent-claimedProShot is a waterproof case for the iPhone 6 and 6s whose makers are positioning as a rival to GoPro action cams. The case comes with two interchangeable lids that can handle extreme environments, including a Deep Dive lid that is waterproof down to 90 feet, according to its Kickstarter campaign. The case is also shockproof and can be mounted on nearly any surface, it says. An app for iOS enables the user to switch between slow motion, photo and video using buttons on the ProShot.

The case also comes with interchangeable fisheye, wide angle and flat lenses, as well as a red filter for underwater shooting. It supports 1080pHD and 4K video recording and 12-megapizel still images, as well as slow motion video up to 240 frames per second. ProShot ships in December and costs $99, although early bird backers have been able to get one as low as $79. Its makers hope to raise $25,000 by Dec. 3.

ProShot is not the first crowdfunded product to compete against the likes of the Optrix iPhone case. ProShot also offers 3x zoom, video stabilization and a 4.7-inch LED widescreen display. Another significant advantage of ProShot is that its battery lasts more than four hours when shooting at 1080p 60 frames per second compared to the Hero4 Black’s 1 hour 20 minutes when shooting the same way, according to ProShot’s campaign.


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