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Sentri’s large touchscreen keeps an eye on your connected home

The explosion of connected devices in the home, while incredible, would be an even better development if they all worked more seamlessly with each other. Since most don’t, it forces IoT fans to put up with separate apps for each device, diluting the experience as a result.

The Sentri is effectively a 10.1 touchscreen that serves as the center of a person’s connected world. It combines security, an impressive array of built-in functionality along and the ability to connect to wide-range of third-party devices to truly bring together what can be a disparate experience. So, in addition to having a thermometer, air quality monitor, and humidity sensor to keep a user’s environment up to par, its 120° wide-angle HD camera with night vision, in combination with a motion sensor, takes a photo of or records any unexpected movements and saves them for up to one year for review. And while its doing all of this, it also serves as a sort of hub for products like the Philips Hue or Nest. Security and quality of life are on the forefront of Sentri’s design, and it makes sure the user is always informed of both with companion iOS and Android app alerts for it and all other products connected.. $229 gets those interested a Sentri by November 27th, 2015.

The Sentri’s minimal and modern slate design along with attractive UI should make it a joy to use and the way it brings together some of the more popular IoT devices on the market is a plus. As a consequence, though, other lesser known products may be left out of the party. Angie is similar product that differentiates itself with a 360° camera and voice control, but lacks the ability to connect other products, the idea that make Sentri so powerful in the first place.

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