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For connected home alarms, HEVO gives others the heave-ho

Legacy alarm systems often require the use of landlines to function, making them quite the dinosaurs in the age of connected products. By forcing homeowners to keep a landline and offering no flexibility when it comes to all the other devices in most people’s lives, the time is long overdue for something to give.

A portmanteau of Home EVOloution, HEVO is a hub that connects to the BUS of a current alarm system backed by the PATROL proprietary OS. In using PATROL to secure the home, HEVO operates by a tiered system of alarm. When an intruder is detected — even with an unarmed legacy alarm system — HEVO sends an alarm signal through the Internet. Failing that, HEVO’s included GSM subscription service kicks in and sends the alarm that way. If that ends up not working for some reason, real-time monitoring of each HEVO will see the company send the alarm signal themselves. Users are informed of each of these steps with real-time SMS alerts, keeping them up to date no matter what.

While a smartphone technically isn’t necessary to use HEVO, it would be a mistake to use it without one. It not only updates a legacy alarm system but connects all audio and video devices, lights, thermostats, and garage doors together and lets users controls them all with the companion iOS or Android app. The versatility through HEVO allows scene support, so one tap shuts off all electronic, closes windows, and turns off lights, for instance. While early birds pay $229, others shell out $499 for an HEVO with a one-year subscription to PATROL, to be expected by July 2016. The company is looking for $50,000 by December 1st, 2015.

HEVO is really unique. Other products either introduce a doozy of connectivity options or flaunt portability and price as their pitch. HEVO may be the only one that connects to legacy alarm systems, saving homeowners a lot of time, money, and headaches by simplifying the way in which smartening up a home can be considered—and giving them a lot of options as well.

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