Aerion mouse lets your fingers stick together through air travel

Gesture control continues to find its way into a wide variety of consumer electronics devices including TVs and videogame consoles.

Aerion Mouse is a gesture-driven computer mouse that’s somewhat smaller than traditional mice. It gets placed between the top of any two of the user’s fingers. The user then points the mouse at the display to operate it and, instead of clicking on any buttons, just leans to the left to achieve what a typical left click on a mouse would and leans to the right for a right click.

One main benefits to Aerion is that it allows one to keep fingers close to a typing position without having to grab a separate device when moving between the keyboard and pointing device. It also works even when there’s no convenient focus on which to set a mouse.

Aerion is “universally compatible with most” operating systems, including Android and iOS, according to its Kickstarter campaign. The mouse’s retail price is about $56, but early bird backers have been able to get one at pricing as low as about $32. It’s expected to ship in December and its makers set a goal to raise $6,618 by Dec. 8.

Aerion Mouse may be appealing to more adventurous computer users who are looking for a new kind of mouse –- especially those who find gesture control appealing on devices such as game systems. But without actually using the mouse, it’s hard to tell just how comfortable it is or how long it might take to get used to using it.


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