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PIXELIO uses a smartphone or GoPro for an all-in-one 3D scanner

With 3D printers inching their way towards ubiquity, 3D scanners will rise in popularity alongside them. As of right now, though, there aren’t very many solutions for scanning, outside of the occasional Pouff3D every now and then. Smart3D Ltd. is hoping it’s PIXELIO all-in-one 3D scanner will catch people’s attention due to its usefulness and versatility.

The PIXELIO’s main draw is a universal cradle that can hold onto a smartphone or GoPro camera while it slowly pans around an object placed in its center to create high-quality, 360° scans or timelapses. PIXELIO employs Virtual Finger technology in the universal holder to replicate the feel of a skin with a bit of graphene to release the virtual shutter on smartphones, a clever invention for what could’ve been a huge issue.

Turning the camera around will allow for 360° pictures, time lapses, or even panoramas either with the device by itself or a tripod with the use of the mount underneath. Outside of its 3D scanning capabilities, PIXELIO is also a wireless charging station and power bank, perfect for a little bit of added value that ends up being extremely useful. A PIXELIO is about $130 and is expected to ship April 2016. Smart3D Ltd. is looking for about $50,000 before December 17th, 2015.

PIXELIO condenses thousands of dollars of scanning and photography equipment into a bite-sized packaged and its smartphone friendliness makes it a great counterpart to the Olo 3D printer. But that smaller size does end up limiting the kinds of objects that can be scanned. Nevertheless, its versatility will pique the interest of everyone from bloggers and online sellers to real estate developers and engineers — not to mention those photographers bootstrapping their way to visual glory.

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