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The New Glif keeps your smartphone photos on the level

As the cameras on smartphones get better and better, the need for a good tripod mount to take better photos on those smartphones keeps growing also.

The New Glif is a redesigned version of the pioneering Glif tripod mount for the iPhone 4 that adds new features and now works with the latest iPhones. The mount’s makers have focused on a quick release mechanism, as well as portrait and landscape support, with the new model.

Existing tripod mounts tend to fall into one of two categories: screw, or spring. Screw mounts work like a vise and allow for a secure grip, but are slow and cumbersome to operate each time the user wants to take the phone in and out of it. Sprint mounts, on the other hand, are quick to load and unload, but tend to have a flimsy grip and are not terribly secure. The New Glif combines the best of both those systems, and is both quick and secure. The New Glif ships in January. Future pricing isn’t provided. But Kickstarter backers can get one at pricing that starts at $25 for early birds. Its makers hope to raise $50,000 by Aug. 19.

There are other iPhone mounts on the market. But The New Glif seems to have the main features that the average iPhone picture taker might want. The only drawback seems to be that it’s not clear exactly what smartphone models will work or not work with it.

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