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Sybrillo brings smarts, stability to GoPro

The small size of the GoPro has made it the perfect video camera to use for capturing action sports and other fast-moving activities. But its tiny size also makes it somewhat difficult to hold the camera steady and control it to perform professional-type actions including panning and tilting.

Sybrillo is a versatile, waterproof GoPro mount that makes it easier for users of the action camera to program it to pan, tilt and perform other functions typical of pro video cameras. Its gimbal provides the GoPro with gyroscopic stability. A Sybrillo app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets enables users to control the camera remotely via Bluetooth. Sybrillo also provides recording capabilities for virtual reality (VR). Users can put their smartphone in a VR headset or Google cardboard and Sybrillo will follow the user’s every move.


Gekkopod mount wraps around anything to capture your mounting vanity

With smartphones and cameras allowing us to take more photos than ever, the latest goal seems to be getting a unique angle to capture a selfie or point of view. But the wide range of surfaces in the world make that a challenge, particularly for a portable mount..

patent-claimedGekkopod is a wraparound flexible camera mount that will work with any camera or smartphone, even a GoPro camera. It’s a more minimalist, flexible take on Joby’s Gorillapod camera tripod but with two extra legs to secure it. The design of the new product was based in a lizard’s hand –-hence the allusion to a gecko in its name. Gekkopod is made of 80 percent food grade silicon and 20 percent metal, so it can be bent easily to any shape and will stay in that form.

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CAMpanion lets you mount your smartphone screen right behind the GoPro

The small size of the GoPro camera makes it perfect for shooting extreme sports activity. But its diminutive size also can make it difficult to use for shooting everyday subjects and activity where a steady hand is required.

The CAMpanion is a solution to that issue, offering a new mounting system enabling all GoPro models to be attached to any smartphone or tablet. In addition to making sure that every shot is perfectly framed, the mounting system also makes it more comfortable for the user to shoot. Attaching the GoPro to a smartphone or tablet also adds features including lighting via the mobile device’s flashlight app. The accessory holds promise, offering a simple but handy solution for the surging number of GoPro users.

Users can mount the GoPro in less than a second by just snapping the camera onto the CAMpanion mounting plate. The accessory will ship in May and cost $40. Its makers set a goal of raising $28,000 by March 28 through Kickstarter.

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Bikelops iPhone mount for the bike shows you the way, brightens up your night ride

The bicycle is one of the best ways to travel, but without any kind of light at night it can be pretty dangerous to get home safely. Although bike lights do exist, they may stop working because of a dead battery, leaving riders stuck or in potential danger.

Luckily, most people carry around a light with them at all times in the form of their smartphones. However, the weak LED usually found is great for photos, but not so great for brightening up the road. The Bikelops iPhone mount makes it so that any an iPhone can be securely fasted to the handlebars of the ride while offering an aluminum reflector that focuses the usually wide, diffused light from the LED into a more focused beam. Riders will never be out of juice with something like this. The $20 product is expected to ship in February 2015 provided it raises the required $10,000 through its campaign.

The Bikelops is a promising mount for iPhones that allows not only lights, but all the rest of the features of the phone to be easily accessible as well. It’s doubtful many would want their iPhone subject to possible damage, though, when sleek products like the smart Augur Wolf Lights can be far more superior in the long run.

Imaging Tech Accessories

Infinity Arm offers a variety of ways to mount your GoPro or other camera

Small mountable cameras like the GoPro enabled action sports enthusiasts and other filmmakers to take the craft to brand new angles and locations. The Infinity Arm tackles two of the biggest problems that GoPro accessories have. First, the Infinity Arm is lightweight and easy to mount on virtually any sturdy surface, creating even more opportunities for creative filmmaking. Second, the arm is incredibly sturdy, not breaking apart while being shaken or put under even the harshest conditions.

To make this an even better product for filmmakers, Infinity Arm works equally well with DSLR and other professional movie cameras. What this creates is a tool that anyone shooting a movie from amateur to professional will want to have on hand at all times. Infinity Arm has interchangeable mounts that are quick and easy to swap out without compromising the structural durability of the arm itself. Made out of aluminum and steel, Infinity Arm is tough enough to handle any assignment and turn out great, eye-catching shots in any and all environments. Creators 27Notch are asking for $50,000 to finish off the last bit of necessary funding to bring their product to market. Interested consumers can grab an Infinity Arm for $179, with an estimated delivery in February 2015.


Tablet Accessories

Tab-Legs are the spindly appendages that chase us in nightmares

Tablets are amazingly convenient when on the go when people don’t want to be bothered with toting a bulky laptop. The one place they fall short, though, is that they lay flat without help. Tab-Legs offers a solution that makes those extended periods of usage for things like watching movies, browsing online and checking e-mail much more comfortable. The product’s flexible, spindly legs almost look like something out of a Disney movie, allowing a tablet to hang from sofas and chairs, or tuck the legs in between the cushions. It’s flexible enough to fold up and fit in any travel bag, and can hang from an upright table tray on the plane.

The campaign doesn’t make it clear what the product is made of or how long the legs are, but it comes with one renewable sticky pad to attach the legs, two magnetic disks, and one air caddy. Other tablet stands backers may want to check out include Dutchman and MUST. This campaign seeks to raise $500 by December 14, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $29, with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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Packed Pixels adds extra displays to your sadly single-screened laptop

Extra monitors at a workstation seems like the height of excess at first glance, but once a second screen has been added for work or play, going back to a single-screen setup is like riding a moped. Unfortunately, laptop users have to deal with this situation every day on the road, unless they pick up Packed Pixels. Packed Pixels is a combination of quality technology and good old-fashioned simple rigging. Using brackets and an elastic strap, Packed Pixels wraps around the back of any laptop screen. From there, the included screen can be mounted and plugged in on either side of the device’s existing screen.

A third screen can be added as well if the laptop supports it, creating a sort of cockpit effect of one main screen flanked by two smaller screens. The displays themselves use the same technology as Apple’s retina displays and are up to the task of streaming video or even playing games. Packed Pixels is created by Dovetail Technology, who is asking for £60,000 (~$94,000) to attract suppliers and handle moulding and testing. Supporters in need of an extra screen can strap one on for £120 (~$194) in May 2015.

Tablet Accessories

Clamp Champion provides a well-rounded way to get iPads on curved surfaces

Smartphones and tablets have become essential to our lives. Whether we use them for work, fun or even monitoring our health. Due to their flat nature, however, none really stand up by themselves. Most mounts or stands cater to flat surfaces, but few tackle round surfaces. The aptly-named Clamp Champion aims to fit onto those unfittable places including the back of your couch, train seats, plane seats, refrigerators and much more. It fits tablets between two and 12 inches and swivels to get that perfect angle. Using rubber, it grips onto your expensive device for maximum security. One Clamp Champion will cost backers $25 with estimated delivery set for November 2014. This product is looking to raise $2,000 with the help of Kickstarter.

As our lives become more entangled with our devices, new solutions need to be found for ease of use. Clamp Champion is one of those solutions. It’s incredibly versatile not only in the devices it works with, but also in the places it can be used. The price isn’t too bad either!

Tablet Accessories

Sevastone serves up your iPad in virtually any usage situation

Whether you’re walking, hopping on the subway, driving, or using some other mode of transportation, hands-free usage of iPads is always ideal. Sevastone is able to offer a variety of options, beginning with a protective case that’s made of lightweight polycarbonate. The back of the case can either support a mount or serve as an anchor for the carbon fiber fabric flap that helps protect the screen when not in use. One clever feature to this flap is that it folds back and can function as a stand to prop up a tablet. The Fintie Apple iPad case offers a similar idea, as does the Mükava Table and Yohann.

A few things that set Sevastone apart are its GPS tablet mount, headrest road trip mount, and the handy messenger bag, all of which are specifically designed for Sevastone’s unique mounting system. Perhaps the only negative here is that compatibility is limited to iPad mini and iPad Air. The campaign is working to raise $35,000 by October 30. Backers can get the protective case for $50 with an expected delivery of December 2014.

Cell Phone Accessories

Arch-y piggybacks onto your cable to prop up your iPhone

One nice thing about using an iPhone alarm clock app is that if the power goes out at night, it doesn’t mess up the clock or cause a person to be late getting up and going to work. Arch-y offers a docking station that also allows the iPhone to charge while sitting up on its side. And it doesn’t matter which side one chooses. Arch-y also allows the user to keep their phone in its case in most instances. While this is a great idea, there are quite a few docking stations out there, and some of them do already allow the user to charge their phone while it is docked. In addition, this one is designed with only an Apple in mind. However, this particular docking station is much more minimalist than the average docking station, which can be a nice benefit when using it on a night stand or desk. This campaign is seeking to raise $15,000 by November 1, 2014.  For $10, backers get one product by December 2014 with free shipping.