Daisho, in a dash, transforms your camera gimbal into shoulder rig

Motorized gimbals have significantly improved camera stabilization. However, gimbals are often difficult to use and too cumbersome for real-world film and video shooting.

patent-claimedDaisho is a 90-degree clamp that overcomes such issues, converting a gimbal into a lightweight shoulder rig to stabilize cameras while shooting. With the patent-pending clamp, people shooting video can now convert virtually any gimbal on the market into an ergonomic and lightweight stabilizer, making it easier to take difficult shots. Daisho has also been designed to accept industry standard 15-mm rods and uses standard M5 bolts – an apparent indication that it’s compatible with at least most gimbals on the market.

Daisho starts shipping in November. Future pricing isn’t provided. But Kickstarter backers can order one for a pledge starting at $78. Its makers hope to raise $27,000 to cover the cost of Daisho production by Nov. 26.

Camera gimbals have become a growing product category and it is indeed often a chore to use at least some of them. Therefore, there is a clear market for Daisho.





Tablet Accessories

Clamp Champion provides a well-rounded way to get iPads on curved surfaces

Smartphones and tablets have become essential to our lives. Whether we use them for work, fun or even monitoring our health. Due to their flat nature, however, none really stand up by themselves. Most mounts or stands cater to flat surfaces, but few tackle round surfaces. The aptly-named Clamp Champion aims to fit onto those unfittable places including the back of your couch, train seats, plane seats, refrigerators and much more. It fits tablets between two and 12 inches and swivels to get that perfect angle. Using rubber, it grips onto your expensive device for maximum security. One Clamp Champion will cost backers $25 with estimated delivery set for November 2014. This product is looking to raise $2,000 with the help of Kickstarter.

As our lives become more entangled with our devices, new solutions need to be found for ease of use. Clamp Champion is one of those solutions. It’s incredibly versatile not only in the devices it works with, but also in the places it can be used. The price isn’t too bad either!

Cycling Imaging

Klamp smooths out the bumps in the road for extreme cycling videos

KlampThose involved with extreme sports love to record videos of  their adventures. Various cameras have been developed to help them do just that. Some attach to helmets while others lack any kind of fastening device. The Klamp works with several “extreme” cameras to capture action shots. It allows the user to film their ride in eight different ways and is designed to work with bikes. A pack of two Australian Klamps costs backers $38 AUD. While there are lots of camera arms and clamps out there, Klamp seems to offer more versatility and stabilization for capturing shots. This product hopes to raise $45,000 AUD in a month-long Kicstarter campaign.

Tablet Accessories

TabletTail offers a wide range of ways to keep your pad properly propped

TabletTailAs more amazing apps come rolling in, tablets have become increasingly useful. Whether you’re navigating, watching a show, leveling a picture, etc. it’s necessary to have your hands free, but simple stands don’t always do the trick. TabletTail attaches to the back of your tablet and suctions or clips to whichever surface you need. It uses different tail styles for if you need the tablet upright, angled to the side or even wrapped around a pole. For $90, backers can enjoy the complete TabletTail package which includes the attachment needed to secure the tablet, the tail to angle it and the clamp to attach it to the appropriate surface with estimated delivery in September 2014. TabletTail hopes to raise $20,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.


Universal Clamp and Universal Sun Shade keep the sun on the run

Universal-SunShade2Everyone loves to get outside into the sunshine, but too much sun is harmful. When hanging out outside, the shifting sun means that you constantly have to move around to remain in the shade. The Universal Sun Shade was designed to be flexible, portable and versatile. The shade folds up and the Universal Clamp allows it to move into any funny position it may need to in order to block out the sun. For the clamp, backers can donate $25 or $60 for the clamp and shade for delivery in August 2014. The Universal Clamp and Universal Sun Shade hopes to raise $29,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.