GoBoat floats your body in nearly any body of water

Fishing: one of the many great American past times. Still, even if actually being out on the lake has the potential to be a soothing, meditative experience, all the set up to transport both the boat and the equipment necessary can be a hassle.

Inventor Dave Yonce wants to help with the boat part of the problem with his GoBoat, an untraportable inflatable boat that can be stored in the back of pretty much any car, quickly assembled, and rapidly inflated on the spot with the included high-velocity hand pump. Its construction — a foldable center portion surrounded by a thick rubber inflatable tube — allows it still be a durable vessel and retain portability and a light weight at just 15 lbs.


Goumba safety flag alerts boaters to divers, makes a splash in the ocean

Scuba diving is a fun sport filled with wonderment and excitement. However, the proper safety measures must be taken in order to avoid accident. The same goes for boating. When shirking safety responsibilities, people can get hurt.

When divers go underwater, there’s no telling where they may pop up again. That’s why divers use a safety flag. According to the campaign, these flags are abysmal and need an update. That’s why Goumba was created. Goumba is a dive flag or cube with four reflective sides and a light to indicate to boaters that divers lurk beneath the surface.

In addition, Goumba offers boat flags as well. These flags indicate when there is a diver underneath the water from that boat. This product uses a wind turbine so that the flag spins around, but its message is always visible. For either the in-water or on-boat flag, backers will need to donate $129 for delivery in April 2015. Goumba hopes to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

With a fun name and innovative design, Goumba will definitely find success with divers and boaters alike. It’s not the coolest product out there, but those who spend a lot of time in the water will appreciate the peace of mind it brings.


Wake Wing offers a widebody alternative to parasailing

Athletes and other active types are always looking for new ways to up the ante. Extreme sports are the way to go, but once you’ve tried them all, they can get boring. That’s where Wake Wing comes in. It’s a new kind of water sport. Similar to wakeboarding or waterskiing, you’re dragged behind a boat attached by a rope. To set up, stand on the board before starting the boat. Once you get going, presumably you’ll be lifted up into the air, compliments of the ground effect; the same effect that allows airplanes to fly. The campaign claims the product will lift you up four to six feet into the air, though there’s no photographs or footage to substantiate this claim.

If this product actually works, it looks like a cool and fun way to enjoy the water. On Backerjack, we’ve seen all kinds of extreme sports devices like the WingBoard, a board that is similarly dragged, but behind an airplane (!) instead of a boat. Wake Wing lets you float in the air without the threat of death. The campaign is seeking to raise $4,000 on Kickstarter and does not offer the actual product at this time.


Folbot foldable kayak lets you carry a kayak on your back

editors-choiceThe Premise. Kayaking can be one of the most relaxing and even therapeutic forms of exercise for those who love spending time in the great outdoors. The peacefulness of nature on a beautiful sunny day has an amazing way of making stress melt away. What if it were possible to fold up a Kayak for easy toting and storage?

The Product. Folbot Cooper Kayak has just such an item, and is presently working on a black hull edition of their folding kayak. There are several other exciting features as well. The entire item fits in a backpack so it can be easily transported. It’s the perfect design for lakes and calm rivers, although the more experienced kayaker will find that it’s also suitable for the ocean. Set-up takes as little as 10 minutes and it comes with an owner’s manual and instructions are also available at the website, The frame is made anodized, air-craft grade aluminum, and the product also comes with deck rigging,  an adjustable seat, stainless steel kneel brackets, and inflatable sponson chambers to name just a few great features.

The Pitch. The video for the $25,000 campaign is much more focused on showing than on telling. Very little detail is offered there regarding assembly or specifications of the product, but it does appear to be very lightweight and easily transportable for those who like to add cycling to their excursions.

The Perks. Backers can check out multiple tiers for this campaign. With $1800, backers get one kayak and an expected delivery of October 2014. This includes their top deck color of choice and free shipping within the continental US.

The Potential. This product is going to have some great appeal to its niche market with its apparent dependability and easy portability and assembly. It appears that beginners and veterans of kayaking alike will enjoy the product, though the weight limit of 275 pounds could prove somewhat limiting depending on a person’s size and the amount of gear that they feel is necessary for long-term excursions and a group’s or family’s preferences and needs when enjoying their wilderness adventures. However, this is more generous than many other kayaks.

When comparing Folbot to Trak Kayaks, it appears that Folbot is offering an amazing price savings. However, Trak has a higher payload (292 lbs) and may offer better control in a cross wind situation and easier navigation in general due to its hydraulically adjustable hull. Trak’s frame is made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and a five year warranty is offered.


Universal Clamp and Universal Sun Shade keep the sun on the run

Universal-SunShade2Everyone loves to get outside into the sunshine, but too much sun is harmful. When hanging out outside, the shifting sun means that you constantly have to move around to remain in the shade. The Universal Sun Shade was designed to be flexible, portable and versatile. The shade folds up and the Universal Clamp allows it to move into any funny position it may need to in order to block out the sun. For the clamp, backers can donate $25 or $60 for the clamp and shade for delivery in August 2014. The Universal Clamp and Universal Sun Shade hopes to raise $29,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.