Camping Cooking

Tegstove helps to keep bellies, cell phones full while camping

While some people like to go camping in the great outdoors to get away from it all, and away from electronic devices in particular, the idea of “roughing it” certainly isn’t appealing to everyone. For many, completely doing away with modern conveniences is too much of a hassle.

The Tegstove presents a nice solution to that dilemma. The Tegstove is a multifaceted camping stove designed for folks who like to camp but still want to keep the ease of modern day living within reach. The stove lets users cook meals via butane gas, store energy via a thermoelectric generator, and perhaps most importantly, charge their electronic devices.

Overall, the Tegstove seems like an interesting product worth checking out. Camping lovers might also want to check out Campfire in a Can, Charby, Mini-E Camping Stove and Propane Porter. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 by May 6, 2015.  Early backers can get one stove for $99 with an expected delivery of September 2015.


Alive Lure tricks fish into coming over to your place for dinner

Whether it’s a day trip to one’s favorite lake, a weekend adventure, or a week-long vacation, fishing can be one of the most relaxing activities when enjoying the great outdoors. That is, until one has been waiting for several hours for the fish to bite and one’s stomach is making enough noise to scare off even the bears.

Such a scenario was something of the situation for the creator of Alive Lure. If his pride wasn’t already injured from not getting a single bite, it may have added salt to the wound when a winged insect landed on the water and a fish snapped it up in a matter of seconds. But in that moment of annoyance, an idea for his battery-operated fish lure was born. The insect shaped fish trickster is activated as soon as it comes into contact with the water and begins buzzing and flailing in such a way as to attract the fish and persuade them to bite, thereby allowing the user to enjoy some dinner. Alive Lure works best when fishing for freshwater fish and seems to be reusable provided one wants to clean it after being swallowed by the fish.

This product will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who like to camp. Interested backers may also want to check out LureViewer, CampCaddy, and Campfire in a Can. This campaign seeks to raise $11,000 by February 10, 2015. Backers get one product for $25 with an expected delivery of February 2015.

Luggage and Bags

Monowalker blends sled and rickshaw to make loads less of a drag

There’s nothing like wheels to make it easier to transport stuff from here to there. And if such a device can be adapted for pretty much any travel situation, so much the better. Monowalker is a multifaceted device that allows users to tote supplies on wheels for excursions ranging from hiking in the great outdoors to taking a walk down to the corner market. And for cycling enthusiasts, it’s even possible to get a hitch so that it can be easily pulled along. Monowalker must be modified to fit an urban verses rural environment, and it’s not clear if any tools are required for the assembly. But it does appear that the kits offered for making those changes are easy to use.

It’s a nice touch that, when on foot, the product takes the stress off of a user’s neck and shoulders since it attaches around the waist. This product seems a little bulky to carry around everywhere and may be suited to bigger adventures rather than everyday use.  The campaign seeks to raise £25,000 (~$40,000 US) by November 5, 2014. City dwelling backers get a basic Monowalker product for £610 (~$980). Expected delivery is currently set for January 2015.


Folbot foldable kayak lets you carry a kayak on your back

editors-choiceThe Premise. Kayaking can be one of the most relaxing and even therapeutic forms of exercise for those who love spending time in the great outdoors. The peacefulness of nature on a beautiful sunny day has an amazing way of making stress melt away. What if it were possible to fold up a Kayak for easy toting and storage?

The Product. Folbot Cooper Kayak has just such an item, and is presently working on a black hull edition of their folding kayak. There are several other exciting features as well. The entire item fits in a backpack so it can be easily transported. It’s the perfect design for lakes and calm rivers, although the more experienced kayaker will find that it’s also suitable for the ocean. Set-up takes as little as 10 minutes and it comes with an owner’s manual and instructions are also available at the website, The frame is made anodized, air-craft grade aluminum, and the product also comes with deck rigging,  an adjustable seat, stainless steel kneel brackets, and inflatable sponson chambers to name just a few great features.

The Pitch. The video for the $25,000 campaign is much more focused on showing than on telling. Very little detail is offered there regarding assembly or specifications of the product, but it does appear to be very lightweight and easily transportable for those who like to add cycling to their excursions.

The Perks. Backers can check out multiple tiers for this campaign. With $1800, backers get one kayak and an expected delivery of October 2014. This includes their top deck color of choice and free shipping within the continental US.

The Potential. This product is going to have some great appeal to its niche market with its apparent dependability and easy portability and assembly. It appears that beginners and veterans of kayaking alike will enjoy the product, though the weight limit of 275 pounds could prove somewhat limiting depending on a person’s size and the amount of gear that they feel is necessary for long-term excursions and a group’s or family’s preferences and needs when enjoying their wilderness adventures. However, this is more generous than many other kayaks.

When comparing Folbot to Trak Kayaks, it appears that Folbot is offering an amazing price savings. However, Trak has a higher payload (292 lbs) and may offer better control in a cross wind situation and easier navigation in general due to its hydraulically adjustable hull. Trak’s frame is made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and a five year warranty is offered.

Camping Food and Beverage

Coolest Cooler holds plates, charges phones, plays music, even mixes drinks

The Premise. It seems like those summertime excursions with the family to the picnic or camping grounds requires preplanning and packing comparable to leading a small army out into the wild blue yonder. In an effort to make the job of the commander-in-chief of the house a bit simpler, there is now a cooler that may help organize at least a quarter of the items on that packing list. The Product. Coolest Cooler not only holds the ice and keeps the drinks cold, but it also functions like a picnic basket in that it holds plates, utensils, a cutting board and ceramic knife. Other awesome amenities include a removable Bluetooth speaker that connects to pretty much any smartphone for music streaming, a USB charger for most gadgets, blender for those evening cocktails, built-in led lights and even a bottle opener. With its flat top, bungee cords, and thick wheels, it can even help tote gear to the campsite. It’s also waterproof. The Pitch. The video for the $50,000 campaign presents this cooler as though no stone was left unturned in regard to creating a product that very nearly does it all.  It appears to be quite user friendly and offers a great deal of flexibility for storage to match the user’s intent – whether just a day trip or a multiday camping vacation. The Perks. There are eleven tiers from which backers may choose.Backers can get one cooler for $185, which is a savings of $115 off of the anticipated retail price. Expected delivery is February of 2015. The Potential. Pretty much anyone who loves being outdoors is going to love this product. It will come in handy for not only picnics and camping, but also tailgating parties, the beach, the pool, and anywhere else people enjoy having food, drink and music available. If this campaign seems interesting, be sure to also checkout the Boombox Cooler campaign. As for Coolest Cooler, it seems to be a quality piece of equipment that will be a worthwhile investment that really adds to outdoor fun.

Camping Relaxation

Air Hammock lets you relax in an air mattress between the trees

Air HammockHere’s an idea that gives a whole new meaning to floating on a breeze. Air Hammock takes the idea of an air mattress and ties it between two trees. It offers single and double wide options, but perhaps the coolest selection is the tent hammock. This item includes a removable rain cover and insect netting for those who like to take their hammock camping. All of the hammocks are light weight, tear proof, nylon cotton blends that breathe, are easy to clean and water resistant. This seems like a great improvement on a popular classic, especially in regard to the tent hammock. $30 gets a backer the single person option with an expected delivery of August 2014.


Boombox Cooler blends cold drinks with hot tunes

Boombox CoolerWell, at least it’s not another solar powered cooler. But the Anywhere-Fridge and SolarCooler can’t satisfy that all important element of good music at an outdoor event. Boombox Cooler doubles as beverage chiller and music to which guests can chill. And since it’s built for the great outdoors, it not only easily reaches 103Db to overpower the sound of rolling beach waves and public hubbub, but it’s also water resistant, will function for about 10 hours, holds up to 90 cans, and has a host of other perks. Early bird backers can start singing along for $229, with an expected delivery of December 2014.

Camping Tools

Boreal21 folding saw cuts camping challenges down to size

Boreal21What tool takes a good camping trip and makes it great? A quality camping saw, of course! Boreal21 is a folding bow saw that takes some of the complication out of finding wood for a fabulous campfire. While searching may still be necessary, cutting through those larger pieces so that they can be more easily brought back to camp and used for fuel just got a little easier. The 21 inch blade even comes with the option of a case so gear doesn’t get damaged when in transit and for easy toting. For $77, early bird backers get multiple blade options with an expected delivery of November 2014.

Camping Watches and Jewelry

Recon 6 timepiece could watch out for your life in the wilderness

Recon 6 WatchHere is a watch that goes beyond keeping time and is likely to give every wilderness lover that owns one piece of mind. The Recon 6 Watch stores survival tools such as a compass, bottle opener, can opener, flashlight, rescue whistle, 25 feet of fishing line with two small hooks, fire starter and more. The rugged time piece is also scratch and chip resistant. Early bird backers can get theirs for $275 with an expected delivery of September 2014.

Camping Furniture

Alltera levels hills to seat two

AllteraFinding level ground at a campsite is sometimes a challenge, depending on where one happens to be camping. For those excursions in the foothills or along the mountains, there’s Alltera. The aircraft grade aluminum bench is forty inches long, weighs 13 pounds, and best of all, has telescopic legs. So sitting on a hill far away from home (or even close to home) won’t mean that there’s a risk of unwanted rockin’ n rollin’.  It can be easily connected to the trailer hitch of a truck as the rear support – ideally, a truck that’s parked, or use the third leg extension. Backers get one bench for $249.