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TrekAce points you in the right direction, keeps your hands free

Handheld navigation devices, which include smartphones these days, have been around for a long time. But one of their disadvantages is that they have to be held in the hand, or at least mounted to something. That can be a hassle when one wants to use their hands to hold walking poles, binoculars, bike handles and other staples of outdoor activity.

TrekAce takes another approach to navigating. The water-resistant starfish-like object wraps itself around one’s forearm. A touch screen provides the usual bits of GPS-related info. But what really sets TrekAce apart is how it can use its appendages to indicate which direction one should turn. Vibrations in its different extensions can communicate going straight ahead, 90-degree and 45-degree turns and reversing. A combination can indicate moving between multiple angles. For example, if the “straight ahead” and 45-degree signals buzz, that means to take a 22-degree turn.

Winter Sports

Zibock combination skis and sled lets riders hike up, careen down mountains

Many skiers love the convenience of ski resorts. Chairlifts tote up the mountain and trails lead the way down. However, some like to travel off of the trails and discover new hills on their own. Those who do so aren’t able to enjoy the ease of a chairlift, but must climb the mountain on their own.

Zibock is a product for such adventurers. This French invention is a convertible ski/sled. The skis are for hiking up the mountain in a cross-country type style. The whole thing then folds together and turns into a sled. The user sits on the little seat and holds onto the pole in the middle for stability. For steering and braking, the rider can use their hands and feet. Zibock is lightweight and easy to carry around in a backpack as well.

Zibock is a cool product, albeit appropriate for only a very niche market. Still, it’s great for those who don’t mind hiking up snowy mountains. Most would probably stick with a ski lift. For their own, backers can donate a steep $749 to the campaign, or opt for lower tiers that allow for one, two or three day rentals of the product. Zibock is looking for $100,000 on Indiegogo with a campaign end date of March 25.

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The FOGO Adventure Gadget is a digital Swiss Army knife for outdoorsy types

Exploring the wilds of nature can be a truly rewarding experience. Trails leading to new discoveries alongside the pleasant musk of nature helps foster memorable experiences. Until, of course, someone needs to pull out a flashlight or some other tool from deep within a backpack for some reason — nothing ruins a quaint ambience like the sound of a befuddled hiker looking for their GPS device.

While many would prefer using a smartphone as an aid during such excursions, most smartphones, on account of their poor battery life and dainty construction, can’t ably survive the rigors of outdoor exploration. The FOGO Adventure Gadget solves this problem by incorporating a GPS, walkie talkie, and a 1000 lumen LED flashlight into one rugged device. The FOGO Adventure Gadget includes an embedded digital compass which can help guide users to points of interest and other FOGO users. Further, the device’s walkie talkie feature combines voice and text messaging functionality, thereby allowing users to effectively communicate with others.  Additionally, the device’s LED flashlight sports dynamic light control which adjusts the level of brightness based on the object being illuminated and, in some cases, how fast the object (presumably an animal) is moving).

The FOGO employs some neat tricks with SmartCaps, interchangeable pieces of hardware that add different capabilities. For now, the only SmartCap available is the Digital Walkie-Talkie. Notably, a satellite modem and laser range finder  are both in the works.  With an app based OS, an open SDK, 128MB of flash memory, and a Bluetooth LE connection, FOGO can also act as a fitness monitor along with anything else the developer community can come up with. And its 6800mAh backup battery will ensure it will stay useful and operational for much longer than a smartphone. The $200 FOGO is expected to ship in November 2015 if the $125,000 campaign is successful by March 24, 2015.

New concepts for outdoor gear are always welcome, especially when the product in question does so much to lessen the burden for outdoor explorers. The FOGO Adventure Gadget, along with the All Terrain Cover and WakaWaka, is therefore an ideal product for nature enthusiasts everywhere.


CaraClaw keeps campers, hikers sharp when it matters most

Hiking and camping excursions always seem to go better when one knows that the right tools are available. Whether it’s to make setting up camp easier, or make hiking safer and more enjoyable, there are certain tools that one should always have on hand.

A quality knife is one such item. CaraClaw is a knife option that shows some potential. The blade is made of stainless steel, locks out, and has a side release button. The handle is textured rubber for easy griping.

While this product has a very sleek look, nice design, and seems very ideal for camping and hiking enthusiasts, it will find some pretty heavy competition among the many Carabiner knives that are already out there. Interested backers might also like to check out Loopy, Redtail Slackline Set, and WakaWaka. This campaign seeks to raise $5,000 in funding. For $26, backers get one product with an expected delivery of March of this year.


Intra-nets form a web of supersized elevation in the wilderness

While camping in the great outdoors can be a wonderfully relaxing experience, the bumpy, hard ground under a tent and sleeping bag can sometimes provide a not-so-subtle reminder to the notion of roughing it. One alternative to an air mattress is an Intra-net.

The product weighs about seven pounds. It could be considered a super-sized hammock in that it can comfortably sleep two. However, if one’s camping excursion includes the kids, there is plenty of room for them as well. Intra-net can expand to about seven feet by seven feet for the heavy duty version and can hold about 450 pounds total. It can also function as a platform that elevates a pup tent. String it between a couple trees at dinner time and it can provide seating as an air couch.

An interesting idea, to be sure, with lots of versatility. However, one only really appealing to avid campers. Camping loving backers might also like to check out Adventurers Hammock, Air Hammock, and Bungalow Beach Chair. This campaign seeks to raise $12,000 on Kickstarter. For $470, backers get one product with an expected delivery of July 2015.


Mini-E camping stove folds up, out into different shapes

Creating a campfire and cooking hotdogs or a meal can be a great deal of fun, especially when one has the right equipment. A good camping stove makes mealtime easy and inspires enjoyable conversation. TATO Gear Mini-E is a type of camping stove that is certainly easy to bring on a camping trip.

The titanium firebox weighs about 2.6 ounces and folds up to fit in a backpack compartment or pocket. It can be formed into several shapes, depending on one’s needs at the time of usage, including expanding large enough to support a full size skillet or stew pot to cook a meal.  The stove can be fueled with wood or even alcohol.

TATO seems like a very convenient item to have on hand for cooking meals when camping, though it doesn’t seem suitable if more than two people were going to need to be fed. Camping and hiking loving backers might also want to check out CampCaddy and GrillOven.  This campaign seeks to raise a modest $1,000 on Kickstarter. For $40, backers get one stove with an expected delivery of April 2015.


Tough Tactical Marker lets you plan ahead for potential camping challenges

Sometimes it’s the little things that make hiking and camping excursions go the best. So for those trips to the great outdoors, Tough Tactical Marker is another one of those multi-tool items that seems like it may be worth having on hand. The deep knurl surface offers a secure grip, and O-rings keep out moisture. The three 7075 alloy tool tips include a tapper tip, hammer tip and a spike tip. The spike tip is strong enough to puncture sheet metal.  A leather carrying strap makes for easy toting, and there is also a sharpie-type marker included that is refillable. With the cap, Tough Tactical Marker measures about 6.25 inches, and each tip adds a bit of extra length when attached.

Outdoorsmen may want to invest in this little tool, especially if they make weekly excursions into the wilderness. Other useful hiking tools that backers might like to check out include the Loopy multi-tool and Monowalker. This campaign seeks to raise $5,000 on Kickstarter. For $40, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of May 2015.


Alive Lure tricks fish into coming over to your place for dinner

Whether it’s a day trip to one’s favorite lake, a weekend adventure, or a week-long vacation, fishing can be one of the most relaxing activities when enjoying the great outdoors. That is, until one has been waiting for several hours for the fish to bite and one’s stomach is making enough noise to scare off even the bears.

Such a scenario was something of the situation for the creator of Alive Lure. If his pride wasn’t already injured from not getting a single bite, it may have added salt to the wound when a winged insect landed on the water and a fish snapped it up in a matter of seconds. But in that moment of annoyance, an idea for his battery-operated fish lure was born. The insect shaped fish trickster is activated as soon as it comes into contact with the water and begins buzzing and flailing in such a way as to attract the fish and persuade them to bite, thereby allowing the user to enjoy some dinner. Alive Lure works best when fishing for freshwater fish and seems to be reusable provided one wants to clean it after being swallowed by the fish.

This product will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who like to camp. Interested backers may also want to check out LureViewer, CampCaddy, and Campfire in a Can. This campaign seeks to raise $11,000 by February 10, 2015. Backers get one product for $25 with an expected delivery of February 2015.

Cell Phone Accessories

SLNGR keeps your mobile mounted around your neck

It seems like life stops when a mobile phone is forgotten or the charge dies. On the other hand, these phones can be inconvenient to carry around all the time, too. This is really more of an issue for men than women since women often carry their mobile phone in their purses.

So guys, SLNGR offers a hands-free way to tote a mobile phone. The safety breakaway neck strap is made of woven nylon, and the case itself is made of a rigid molded polyester canvas structure. SLNGR is adjustable and works with phones up to 3.5 inches wide. The pouch in front can hold a charger, earbuds, keys or other small items, which may make it a convenient item for cyclists and hikers.

While the product may make toting a mobile phone a little more convenient, it doesn’t seem any better than something like Victorinox or Naztech. Interested backers may also want to check out ReelKlip and Flip Clip. This campaign seeks to raise $35,000 by. Backers get one product for $25 with an expected delivery of May 2015.


Loopy multitools clips to belt loops, give them a job beyond belt guiding

Multitool gadgets are convenient items to have when cycling or hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. There are quite a few of these around these days. Loopy is one of the newest to try to push its way into a crowded marketplace. One thing that makes this product a little different is that it attaches to a belt loop. Loopy is 1.5 inches in height and claims to provide 12 tools in one, including a bottle opener, wrench, bike tools and more. Because it’s made of stainless steel and titanium, it is washing machine safe and doesn’t have to be removed from one’s jeans belt loop – as long as one can remember to which pair of jeans one attached it last.

Loopy is one of the more minimalist of these types of tools, honing the discretion of the Swiss Army knife. It’ll definitely find its place on the belt loops of the types of guys who still carry their cellphones around on belt holders. Other interesting multitool options that backers might want to check out include My Task and TrackBelt360. This campaign seeks to raise $27,000. Early bird backers can get one Loopy for $7, with an expected delivery of May 2015.