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TrekAce points you in the right direction, keeps your hands free

Handheld navigation devices, which include smartphones these days, have been around for a long time. But one of their disadvantages is that they have to be held in the hand, or at least mounted to something. That can be a hassle when one wants to use their hands to hold walking poles, binoculars, bike handles and other staples of outdoor activity.

TrekAce takes another approach to navigating. The water-resistant starfish-like object wraps itself around one’s forearm. A touch screen provides the usual bits of GPS-related info. But what really sets TrekAce apart is how it can use its appendages to indicate which direction one should turn. Vibrations in its different extensions can communicate going straight ahead, 90-degree and 45-degree turns and reversing. A combination can indicate moving between multiple angles. For example, if the “straight ahead” and 45-degree signals buzz, that means to take a 22-degree turn.

Tablet Accessories

Sevastone serves up your iPad in virtually any usage situation

Whether you’re walking, hopping on the subway, driving, or using some other mode of transportation, hands-free usage of iPads is always ideal. Sevastone is able to offer a variety of options, beginning with a protective case that’s made of lightweight polycarbonate. The back of the case can either support a mount or serve as an anchor for the carbon fiber fabric flap that helps protect the screen when not in use. One clever feature to this flap is that it folds back and can function as a stand to prop up a tablet. The Fintie Apple iPad case offers a similar idea, as does the Mükava Table and Yohann.

A few things that set Sevastone apart are its GPS tablet mount, headrest road trip mount, and the handy messenger bag, all of which are specifically designed for Sevastone’s unique mounting system. Perhaps the only negative here is that compatibility is limited to iPad mini and iPad Air. The campaign is working to raise $35,000 by October 30. Backers can get the protective case for $50 with an expected delivery of December 2014.


Swan-like Showcome lamp offers many methods of control

For those who find the words “on” and “off” to be boring and predictable, there is now a light that responds to the word “aladdin” instead. And yes, it is shaped like a lamp, sort of.

Probably more of a cross between a swan and a lamp. But Showcome also responds to other forms of communication. It also offers a Smartphone app, motion-sensor control for hands-free operation, and touch control that also allows the user to adjust how much light is being given off. The LED light source also offers potential room-to-room portability with a height of just over two feet and a width of just over seven inches.

The cord may be a bit short, though, at only 5.9 feet, depending on where and for what purpose one wants to use it. For $58, backers get one product with an expected delivery of January 2015.


Flip Clip attaches to hip for ease of carrying stuff

Flip ClipAnd what kind of stuff might Flip Clip assist its owners with carrying? Pretty much the sky is the limit on this one. Whether it’s a pair of shoes at the beach, a baseball cap,  book, keys, grilled cheese sandwich or a combination of all of these, this handy-dandy carrying apparatus promises convenience whether working on the run or hanging out in the sun. Flip Clip does seem like it would make many of the little things in life easier where being hands-free is concerned. And the video is definitely worth watching for several good belly laughs to boot. Backers can begin their very own hands-free life adventure for $8, with an expected delivery of January 2015.


iOne offers smart band on a smart budget

iOneWith the vast deserts of technology stretching out endlessly before us all, what could else could they possibly come up with?  How about a wireless device that transfers some functions from your phone…to your wrist?  For 90 bucks and a wait that lasts til July 2014, the sleekly-designed iOne will allow you to answer calls and texts, play music, display the time and chime one the hour.  You also get Bluetooth connectivity, 240-hr battery life, and grey, red, orange and blue color options. But, with competitors like the Vachen, which shares all of the iOne’s features plus a calendar, stopwatch, and multiple digital clock face,s for about double the price, and the HOT Watch which does even more for even less,  it looks iOne may be the Ryan Gosling of the smart watch world: looks really cool, but doesn’t actually do much.