Tablet Accessories

Sevastone serves up your iPad in virtually any usage situation

Whether you’re walking, hopping on the subway, driving, or using some other mode of transportation, hands-free usage of iPads is always ideal. Sevastone is able to offer a variety of options, beginning with a protective case that’s made of lightweight polycarbonate. The back of the case can either support a mount or serve as an anchor for the carbon fiber fabric flap that helps protect the screen when not in use. One clever feature to this flap is that it folds back and can function as a stand to prop up a tablet. The Fintie Apple iPad case offers a similar idea, as does the Mükava Table and Yohann.

A few things that set Sevastone apart are its GPS tablet mount, headrest road trip mount, and the handy messenger bag, all of which are specifically designed for Sevastone’s unique mounting system. Perhaps the only negative here is that compatibility is limited to iPad mini and iPad Air. The campaign is working to raise $35,000 by October 30. Backers can get the protective case for $50 with an expected delivery of December 2014.

Connected Objects Smartwatches/Bands

Haloband taps into smartphone features from the wrist

The Premise. When you’re in a rush and on the go, it can be difficult to access the key features on your phone. Fumbling through the process of unlocking your phone, opening the the app, and waiting for it to boot up can often end up being a waste of time. This can make accessing smartphone apps a problem.

The Product. Using NFC technology, simply tap the phone to your Haloband to access your favorite apps. You can quickly unlock your phone, change the song, turn on the flashlight, check in to social networks, open the camera, and access many other features all with a simple wrist movement. The silicone band is not only flexible and waterproof, but it doesn’t require any batteries either.

The Pitch. Product Manager Sam Luo starts off the video by showing some of the Haloband’s main features and how they’re accessed with a simple tap. At around the 50 second mark, the video suddenly takes a turn towards the realm of high school video projects. If you can get past the cringe-worthy awkwardness of the acting, the video turns back to Luo who asks for a donation to put the Haloband into mass production.

The Perks. For just a $19 donation on Kickstarter, pledgers will receive a black Haloband, and for $22, you can choose your color as well. This is one of the cheapest options for wristband technology today, so it may be worth checking out. If you want to pledge more than $2000, the Haloband team will take you out to dinner along with a tour of Shanghai, China (travel fee not included).

The Potential. Smartphones have incorporated software that improves the accessibility of their phones already, so the Haloband’s purpose of improving their efficiency falls short of the mark. However, if accessing applications on your phone still remains a challenge, the Haloband may very well be an effective and economical solution for your needs.