Carson Rodizio BBQ Kit will never meat with defeat

Those who have survived Brazilian barbecues tell tale of endless skewers of perfectly grilled meats that make for an experience nearly impossible to duplicate at home.

The Carson Rodizio BBQ Kit is aiming for the next level in one-of-a-kind culinary delights by converting a conventional BBQ grill into a skewer driven rotisserie machine. The pieces just snap and fit together without apparent need for tools.

The six adjustable stainless steel skewers with aluminum handles offer bi-level cooking with searing shelves, and a third tier for resting and roasting. The product has commercial-grade high heat insulated wiring for safety and a city bus windshield wiper motor driving the spindles that can easily whirl as much as 30 pounds of food at an adjustable speed.

The Rodizio kit is sure to create a differentiated experience for those used to the same old hot dogs, burgers and steaks. This campaign seeks to raise $200,000 by March 24, 2015. Early bird backers get one product for $250 with an expected delivery of May 2015.


Propane Porter keeps grill masters safely fueled while camping

Getting a propane tank from store to home is one thing. Transporting it to one’s favorite campsite is quite another. Propane Porter is designed to help those who love grilling and camping to transport this important item safely, and with some added organization conveniences for good measure. The product will be made of a double walled, polyethylene plastic, with two notches (an upper and lower) for appropriate restraining devices. It will be sturdy enough to use as a stool when flipped over, able to be used as a cooler, and there will be a spot for storing and toting cooking utensils for the grill.

This seems like a product that will work well. It will especially have great appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. And when it comes time to hook that tank up to the grill, backers might also appreciate having Loopy on hand. Other potentially useful items at the campsite include TrackBelt360, Ulta-Mitt and POD tents. This campaign seeks to raise $47,000 on Kickstarter. Backers get one product for $35, with an expected delivery of October 2015.


Tough Tactical Marker lets you plan ahead for potential camping challenges

Sometimes it’s the little things that make hiking and camping excursions go the best. So for those trips to the great outdoors, Tough Tactical Marker is another one of those multi-tool items that seems like it may be worth having on hand. The deep knurl surface offers a secure grip, and O-rings keep out moisture. The three 7075 alloy tool tips include a tapper tip, hammer tip and a spike tip. The spike tip is strong enough to puncture sheet metal.  A leather carrying strap makes for easy toting, and there is also a sharpie-type marker included that is refillable. With the cap, Tough Tactical Marker measures about 6.25 inches, and each tip adds a bit of extra length when attached.

Outdoorsmen may want to invest in this little tool, especially if they make weekly excursions into the wilderness. Other useful hiking tools that backers might like to check out include the Loopy multi-tool and Monowalker. This campaign seeks to raise $5,000 on Kickstarter. For $40, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of May 2015.


Alive Lure tricks fish into coming over to your place for dinner

Whether it’s a day trip to one’s favorite lake, a weekend adventure, or a week-long vacation, fishing can be one of the most relaxing activities when enjoying the great outdoors. That is, until one has been waiting for several hours for the fish to bite and one’s stomach is making enough noise to scare off even the bears.

Such a scenario was something of the situation for the creator of Alive Lure. If his pride wasn’t already injured from not getting a single bite, it may have added salt to the wound when a winged insect landed on the water and a fish snapped it up in a matter of seconds. But in that moment of annoyance, an idea for his battery-operated fish lure was born. The insect shaped fish trickster is activated as soon as it comes into contact with the water and begins buzzing and flailing in such a way as to attract the fish and persuade them to bite, thereby allowing the user to enjoy some dinner. Alive Lure works best when fishing for freshwater fish and seems to be reusable provided one wants to clean it after being swallowed by the fish.

This product will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who like to camp. Interested backers may also want to check out LureViewer, CampCaddy, and Campfire in a Can. This campaign seeks to raise $11,000 by February 10, 2015. Backers get one product for $25 with an expected delivery of February 2015.


iCanWalk adds illuminated safety to nighttime strolls

Many people feel that letting their kids walk to school or a nearby store is much more dangerous today than it was even a generation ago. Distracted drivers on mobile devices and the slowing reflexes of an increasing elderly population can mean more fatalities, even when one stays within the cross walk.

iCanWalk is a small light shaped like a stop sign that helps to alert drivers when the user is crossing the street. It is touted as being small enough to fit in a pocket, functions with a battery that can be recharged via the built-in USB port, and blinks when turned on. The attached handle makes it easy to hold and extend out or up to help with visibility.

This product seems like it may be useful at dusk or night in low light areas where there is a lot of traffic, but other than that, iCanWalk seems a bit over-the-top. Interested backers might also want to check out LightCycle and AquaLight. This project seeks to raise $200,000 by early February. Backers get one product for $100 with an expected delivery of January 2016.


SCIRT keeps snow and ice out of vehicle wheel wells

Some outdoor enthusiasts live for winter. Skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, ice skating and all the other snowy sports that are fun for winter lovers mean a car or truck is often necessary for getting to the best spots to enjoy the snow and ice.

While these are all fun, putting chains on tires is often a necessary evil. So SCIRT (Snow Chain Instillation and Removal Tool) was created to make said evil a bit more bearable. Even four-wheel drive vehicles need snow chains when traveling to mountainous and icy areas in the winter. The tool is specifically designed for diamond-pattern tire chains, and helps with the removal of snow and ice in wheel wells. The product seems to be aimed at more experienced outdoorsmen than hobbyists, and there is not a great deal of detail available on how the product works. This product seeks to raise £2,000 (~$3,120). For £17 (~$27), backers get one product with an expected delivery of January 2015.


ChiliBud is a tube to provide for your peppers

Chili lovers and tomato lovers can now have a friendlier environment in which to enjoy growing the plants that will make their favorite foods more readily available. And there’s nothing like a fresh pot of chili or steaming plate of spaghetti with homemade sauce on a brisk autumn or winter day. ChiliBud is a 500mm high cylindrical greenhouse that promotes a micro-climate while still allowing for proper pollination. In addition, the tube wall perimeter helps reduce slug attacks, while the spherical reflector means that the best use of light is being made for the most optimum plant growing environment. This is especially true for potted plants since the tube promotes an enhanced heat storage situation, even for the more northern side of the plant. A smooth balcony or patio will be required to get the best results for stability from the rubber rim. For £25, backers get one product with an expected delivery of November 2015.


Kink Kure shows it knows how to fix your hose woes

Gardening can be one of the most satisfying and peaceful activities in which to engage. Until it’s time to water the plants. When the hose kinks it’s mandatory to go and straighten it before the water flows freely again. One day, the creator of Kink Kure got fed up with this unwelcome exercise and decided to find a solution to this annoying problem. It can seem frivolous to replace a hose when there’s only one problem spot. And while the life of a hose can be extended when it’s stored in a basement, shed, or garage, hoses will still eventually kink due to age and the general wear of usage. Kink Kure seems simple to attach and still allows the hose to bend while preventing kinking, even when pulling around corners and winding; a convenient solution to a not-s0-convenient problem. For $5, backers get one with expected delivery in January 2015.


Rapid Hut offers shelter nearly anywhere

Talk about having it made in the shade with cool lemonade! Here is a product that not only allows the user to make their own shade, but, if the weather turns wet, it also keeps the user relatively dry. Rapid Hut is a temporary shelter that is easily erected, doesn’t require any tools for set up, folds up for easy transport, and can be anchored to the ground when it’s windy outside. It also has a couple of windows on either side to help with air-flow on those hot sunny days, and the windows double as drink holders. This looks like a great item to have for picnicking, camping, and watching many outdoor events. One downside is that it only fits two averaged-sized adults, so friends and family will have to get their own. For $275, backers get one product with some free stuff. Expected delivery is November 2014.

Camping Food and Beverage

Coolest Cooler holds plates, charges phones, plays music, even mixes drinks

The Premise. It seems like those summertime excursions with the family to the picnic or camping grounds requires preplanning and packing comparable to leading a small army out into the wild blue yonder. In an effort to make the job of the commander-in-chief of the house a bit simpler, there is now a cooler that may help organize at least a quarter of the items on that packing list. The Product. Coolest Cooler not only holds the ice and keeps the drinks cold, but it also functions like a picnic basket in that it holds plates, utensils, a cutting board and ceramic knife. Other awesome amenities include a removable Bluetooth speaker that connects to pretty much any smartphone for music streaming, a USB charger for most gadgets, blender for those evening cocktails, built-in led lights and even a bottle opener. With its flat top, bungee cords, and thick wheels, it can even help tote gear to the campsite. It’s also waterproof. The Pitch. The video for the $50,000 campaign presents this cooler as though no stone was left unturned in regard to creating a product that very nearly does it all.  It appears to be quite user friendly and offers a great deal of flexibility for storage to match the user’s intent – whether just a day trip or a multiday camping vacation. The Perks. There are eleven tiers from which backers may choose.Backers can get one cooler for $185, which is a savings of $115 off of the anticipated retail price. Expected delivery is February of 2015. The Potential. Pretty much anyone who loves being outdoors is going to love this product. It will come in handy for not only picnics and camping, but also tailgating parties, the beach, the pool, and anywhere else people enjoy having food, drink and music available. If this campaign seems interesting, be sure to also checkout the Boombox Cooler campaign. As for Coolest Cooler, it seems to be a quality piece of equipment that will be a worthwhile investment that really adds to outdoor fun.