iCanWalk adds illuminated safety to nighttime strolls

Many people feel that letting their kids walk to school or a nearby store is much more dangerous today than it was even a generation ago. Distracted drivers on mobile devices and the slowing reflexes of an increasing elderly population can mean more fatalities, even when one stays within the cross walk.

iCanWalk is a small light shaped like a stop sign that helps to alert drivers when the user is crossing the street. It is touted as being small enough to fit in a pocket, functions with a battery that can be recharged via the built-in USB port, and blinks when turned on. The attached handle makes it easy to hold and extend out or up to help with visibility.

This product seems like it may be useful at dusk or night in low light areas where there is a lot of traffic, but other than that, iCanWalk seems a bit over-the-top. Interested backers might also want to check out LightCycle and AquaLight. This project seeks to raise $200,000 by early February. Backers get one product for $100 with an expected delivery of January 2016.


The Watchdog lights up the leash

It doesn’t take long for savvy parents to refrain from asking, “Whose turn is it to walk the dog?” and just draft one of the kids to do it. The Watchdog may very well change all of that. With flexible, cable light technology exclusive to the company, The Watchdog is a strong, illuminated leash that also offers functioning as a steady or flashing stream of light, which makes night walks safer for pet and owner. The principle behind the 360º cable light technology is similar to neon, except that cable is very flexible. The item must be kept charged in order to function properly, but this is done easily enough with the included USB cord. Pet owners will likely rejoice at their new disco leash, but may be a little halted by the price tag. Backers get one product for $100 with expected delivery in March 2014. This campaign seeks to raise $70,000 on Kickstarter for the chance to give pet owners more enthusiasm to walk their dogs.

Connected Objects Cooking Safety

Beacon lets you dial in the color of bicycle safety light from your smartphone

BeaconNevermore will pedestrians and cyclists who must venture out into the dark have to be concerned about being visible to drivers. Beacon offers a Bluetooth-controlled, wearable, LED safety light that is Android and i)S compatible, and can be worn around the waist or like a sash. Beacon wearers can choose a color or even pattern of colors to increase visibility when walking or biking at night. For those who are more concerned about visibility than fashion, we’ve seen other, less-configurable options to help with night apparel. Beacon is available to backers for at least $69, with an expected delivery of October 2014.

Cycling Safety

Commuter X4 keeps cyclists visible to traffic

commuterx4Ask a cyclist and they’ll probably all say there’s no such thing as too much bike safety. For every ridiculously shaped helmet and strobe light, there’s still a dozen drivers on the road going too fast and not paying attention. Continuing the trend of shiny apparel accessories, Veglo’s Commuter X4 light is designed to create a brighter, more eye-level light that will keep traffic more aware of cyclists. With a design that fits over shoulders and backpacks alike, the bright fiber-optic light is customizable to blink or beam a constant red like the taillights of any motor vehicle. Urban biking enthusiasts can get a Commuter X4 for £25, complete with charger, in September 2014.