Winter Sports

Zibock combination skis and sled lets riders hike up, careen down mountains

Many skiers love the convenience of ski resorts. Chairlifts tote up the mountain and trails lead the way down. However, some like to travel off of the trails and discover new hills on their own. Those who do so aren’t able to enjoy the ease of a chairlift, but must climb the mountain on their own.

Zibock is a product for such adventurers. This French invention is a convertible ski/sled. The skis are for hiking up the mountain in a cross-country type style. The whole thing then folds together and turns into a sled. The user sits on the little seat and holds onto the pole in the middle for stability. For steering and braking, the rider can use their hands and feet. Zibock is lightweight and easy to carry around in a backpack as well.

Zibock is a cool product, albeit appropriate for only a very niche market. Still, it’s great for those who don’t mind hiking up snowy mountains. Most would probably stick with a ski lift. For their own, backers can donate a steep $749 to the campaign, or opt for lower tiers that allow for one, two or three day rentals of the product. Zibock is looking for $100,000 on Indiegogo with a campaign end date of March 25.

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