Shake the VAGA HandEnergy to charge your phone, burn your lunch

Throughout the day, many people are understandably preoccupied with ensuring that their smartphones, tablets, and laptops are sufficiently charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, finding the requisite “juice” can often be challenging as outlets can be scarce and portable batteries themselves need to be charged as well.

A novel solution to this problem would be a battery capable of charging itself as opposed to one which requires an outlet for charging. Thankfully, this product exists and is called the VAGA HandEnergy. The VAGA HandEnergy is a compact, handheld device that uses kinetic energy to produce power that can be used to charge smartphones. All you have to do to generate a charge is shake the device your hand. Although the device features a single USB port, the campaign isn’t clear about whether or not the VAGA HandEnergy can charge other devices like tablets as well. In any case, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from, so backers won’t be without choice. The product is priced at $39, with an unclear ship date and a $50,000 campaign goal.

VAGA HandEnergy may seem like a novelty product, but alternative means of generating energy is a growing market and the VAGA HandEnergy therefore finds itself in good company. Products like Hydrobee also seek to cut the cord on outlet dependence, making both devices ideal for always-on-the-go types who absolutely need their phones on, fully charged, and ready for anything.

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