Health and Wellness

Stealth Rising Desktop rises to your challenge of sitting

Stealth Rising DesktopTired of sitting in front of a computer screen all day?  Now it’s possible to stand up for a while and keep on working. Stealth Rising Desktop raises the user’s desktop at the press of a button. For those who are counting calories, it’s even possible to hook up a PC to the Stealth and schedule regular times of standing and track the extra calories burned from standing rather than sitting. While this might be a nice way to change up the workday, the claims that it actually improves health seem like they may be a bit on the exaggerated side although there’s lots of evidence in favor of at least getting out of the seated position once in a while. Expected delivery is February 2014.

Camping Furniture

Alltera levels hills to seat two

AllteraFinding level ground at a campsite is sometimes a challenge, depending on where one happens to be camping. For those excursions in the foothills or along the mountains, there’s Alltera. The aircraft grade aluminum bench is forty inches long, weighs 13 pounds, and best of all, has telescopic legs. So sitting on a hill far away from home (or even close to home) won’t mean that there’s a risk of unwanted rockin’ n rollin’.  It can be easily connected to the trailer hitch of a truck as the rear support – ideally, a truck that’s parked, or use the third leg extension. Backers get one bench for $249.


The Set Bench lets you add extra seating in minutes

Set BenchThere’s little that’s more awkward than telling people that they need to bring their own chair when you’re having a house party. So The Set Bench gives you access to good looking seating nearly instantly. The modular bench comes in multiple frame colors and top options. They also come in lengths of 18 and 24 inches, which can easily connect if you prefer. A more clever version of this would be the Smart Furniture bookcase that can become a table and chairs, or the MOVE bed and desk combo. If you have kids that are into building stuff, OLLA is a product that lets them build their bedroom furniture. For $149 backers get a complete Set Bench product and an expected delivery of July 2014.


Play Ultimate? Better get a bucket

HucketBucketUltimate Frisbee is the number 1 “bro” sport, but an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast has brought the bros a solution to their sporting woes. While the sport isn’t associated with a lot of gear, there isn’t any Ultimate Frisbee-specific tote for the Frisbee-ers to carry their gear around in. In addition, many ultimate ganes are played in open fields with a dearth of suitable seating. This Ultimate Frisbee bro has “designed” the six-gallon Hucket Bucket, with a lid and a strap, to carry your gear and double as seating. It’s a good idea, but at $30, it seems like it might be cheaper to skip the branding just buy a bucket and use an old duffel strap, or something.