Trekkayak blows up your wilderness water transportation

When doing some of that extreme wilderness hiking in the great outdoors, a good boat or kayak is important, but inconvenient to carry around. A kayak that’s lightweight, durable and especially portable can mean the difference between conquering that raging river verses having to find a way around it.

The demand for kayaks that can either be easily assembled without tools or are inflatable is growing among outdoor enthusiasts. And the creators of Trekkayak are working to get their product paddling along in a market that is gaining some momentum. This inflatable kayak is designed to fit in a backpack when not in use, and is small, light, and durable as a tent at about 6.5 pounds. The product has two hulls and a two-layer design, as well as a detachable trampolin that’s above the waterline to help keep users remain dry and warm when using the product in cold water. The maximum weight that this kayak can hold is not clearly indicated.

This product seems to have been designed with the more experienced in mind given the choice to use Cordura fabric for the hull and light thermoplastics for the bladder, but these things also add greatly to the lightweight aspect of the product. Backers may also want to check out the Folbot kayak campaign, as well as the All Terrain Cover, and Funnell campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise kr70,000 ($11,600). For kr223 ($37), backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015.

Luggage and Bags

RiutBag ditches outside zipper for traveling peace of mind

Urban dwellers and travelers often find a backpack (or rucksack as they say in the UK) to be the most effective way to tote their essentials. Unfortunately, anyone who happens to be standing behind the wearer often has easy access to those personal items. RiutBag offers an alternative that was clearly designed by a small team that knows a little something about what makes a great travel bag. The zippers are designed in such a way that they are not easily accessible to the general public who happens to be along for the ride on the subway, bus, train or plane. Multiple storage pockets range in size from large enough for a laptop, to a place for one’s keys. There’s even a hidden pocket for paper tickets when digital or e-tickets aren’t an option. This campaign seeks to raise £29,700 (~$47,000 USD) by November 26, 2014. For £55 (~$88 USD), backers get can nab one with an expected delivery of April 2015.


Mule Light Orb taps LEDs to stick it to the glow stick

Having an easy-to-carry light source available when you need it most just got easier. Mule Light Orb got its inspiration from green glow sticks, with the intention of improving on a good idea and arranging for it to offer greater functionality. This green orb can attach to a key ring, backpack for camping, bike handlebars, and multiple other locations. Its energy saving settings allow it to extend the life of the LED light, but even once that dies out, it can be recharged via a USB cable. Use it as a flashlight, campsite safety light, hiking trail marker, or signal while biking or walking at night. The campaign fails to clarify if the 100 hours the orb is supposed to last is with or without the energy saving setting being exclusively implemented. While the item isn’t going to be something that can replace a good flashlight or other camping or cycling accessories that are light sources, it might make for a useful emergency light item to have on hand.  This campaign is seeking to raise $67,000 by October 30, 2014. Backers get one product for $25, with an expected delivery of November 2014 and a $67,000 campaign goal.

Apparel Organization

Runband lets you take your essentials as you exercise

Lots of pockets are essential for storing all the important little things in life. Runband lets active and busy people have what they need right at their fingertips: pens and pencils, pocket knife, small flashlight, even a small water bottle that can be stowed right on the user’s arm! Black netting with elasticity helps keep essentials secure during even the most extreme activities – whether that’s a party where a blended dance genre of hip-hop- break dancing is the hot activity or extreme sporting activities. The product seems to offer a great deal of convenience whether in an urban, suburban or rural setting, and nothing particularly bulky or larger than what fits in a 5.5” pouch is going to be necessary for one’s outing. The pouches are made of cotton, so while they will offer some breathability, they will also retain sweat longer than a polyester-spandex blend. For $40, backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015.


Camping Cooking

Ace 1 biomass stove makes the world your kitchen

The Premise. It’s nice to be able to cook a meal on the grill or in the great outdoors when on a camping trip. But finding material to make a campfire can be a hassle and leave you smelling like smoke. So what might a modern option look like for those who enjoy camping but detest the hassle that can come with mealtime?

The Product. Ace 1 takes the old Bunsen burner idea and gives it an eco-friendly twist. The ten pound cooking stove uses both bio mass and solar energy, so it burns cleaner to the point of eliminating smoke. Another nice feature is its speakers that provide dinner music for added ambience. And later on, campers won’t be left in the dark with the included solar chargeable LED light with built-in battery. The light will certainly come in handy for when the spooky stories get the kids freaked out. A USB and DC port are also built in to this cooking tool for those who just can’t stand being separated from their gadgets.

The Pitch. This particular cooking stove not only has campers in mind, but also those in developing countries. The initial focus appears to have been a simple but safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly cooking gadget that expanded its reach to the less fortunate. The €50,000 campaign also boasts of offering a product that can provide some great control over how much heat is being put out for cooking purposes.

The Perks. Backers may choose from quite a few tiers to offer their support for the development of this product, with an early bird option of €159 for one product. For an extra €10, backers may choose from their favorite of six color options. Expected delivery is January 2015.

The Potential. If one prefers cooking over a Bunsen burner type gadget to grilling their food, then this product will likely be useful. The fact that it takes nearly any size pot means that backers would be able to cook for fairly large groups when camping. There is no replacement for the savory taste that comes with grilling or roasting over an open flame, but this product does have some nice conveniences that are likely to delight campers and it would make for a nice addition to camping gear. Other camping stove campaigns backers may want to check out include The Sun Juicer, Charby, and Campfire in a Can.


Folbot foldable kayak lets you carry a kayak on your back

editors-choiceThe Premise. Kayaking can be one of the most relaxing and even therapeutic forms of exercise for those who love spending time in the great outdoors. The peacefulness of nature on a beautiful sunny day has an amazing way of making stress melt away. What if it were possible to fold up a Kayak for easy toting and storage?

The Product. Folbot Cooper Kayak has just such an item, and is presently working on a black hull edition of their folding kayak. There are several other exciting features as well. The entire item fits in a backpack so it can be easily transported. It’s the perfect design for lakes and calm rivers, although the more experienced kayaker will find that it’s also suitable for the ocean. Set-up takes as little as 10 minutes and it comes with an owner’s manual and instructions are also available at the website, The frame is made anodized, air-craft grade aluminum, and the product also comes with deck rigging,  an adjustable seat, stainless steel kneel brackets, and inflatable sponson chambers to name just a few great features.

The Pitch. The video for the $25,000 campaign is much more focused on showing than on telling. Very little detail is offered there regarding assembly or specifications of the product, but it does appear to be very lightweight and easily transportable for those who like to add cycling to their excursions.

The Perks. Backers can check out multiple tiers for this campaign. With $1800, backers get one kayak and an expected delivery of October 2014. This includes their top deck color of choice and free shipping within the continental US.

The Potential. This product is going to have some great appeal to its niche market with its apparent dependability and easy portability and assembly. It appears that beginners and veterans of kayaking alike will enjoy the product, though the weight limit of 275 pounds could prove somewhat limiting depending on a person’s size and the amount of gear that they feel is necessary for long-term excursions and a group’s or family’s preferences and needs when enjoying their wilderness adventures. However, this is more generous than many other kayaks.

When comparing Folbot to Trak Kayaks, it appears that Folbot is offering an amazing price savings. However, Trak has a higher payload (292 lbs) and may offer better control in a cross wind situation and easier navigation in general due to its hydraulically adjustable hull. Trak’s frame is made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and a five year warranty is offered.


EZ-Roll Holder offers wiping wherever you roll

EZ Roll HolderWhether it’s in the car, on a camping trip or taking the kids to the park, paper towels are one of those items that makes life-on-the-go just a little easier. The EZ-Roll Holder is supposed to add to that by providing a place to mount them that doesn’t require any tools for instillation, so that paper towels can be mounted and available whenever and wherever life happens to roll. Unfortunately, the detail on just how one goes about mounting the product is not particularly clear, but for $12, backers get one product with an expected delivery of November 2014.

Camping Tools

Boreal21 folding saw cuts camping challenges down to size

Boreal21What tool takes a good camping trip and makes it great? A quality camping saw, of course! Boreal21 is a folding bow saw that takes some of the complication out of finding wood for a fabulous campfire. While searching may still be necessary, cutting through those larger pieces so that they can be more easily brought back to camp and used for fuel just got a little easier. The 21 inch blade even comes with the option of a case so gear doesn’t get damaged when in transit and for easy toting. For $77, early bird backers get multiple blade options with an expected delivery of November 2014.

Camping Watches and Jewelry

Recon 6 timepiece could watch out for your life in the wilderness

Recon 6 WatchHere is a watch that goes beyond keeping time and is likely to give every wilderness lover that owns one piece of mind. The Recon 6 Watch stores survival tools such as a compass, bottle opener, can opener, flashlight, rescue whistle, 25 feet of fishing line with two small hooks, fire starter and more. The rugged time piece is also scratch and chip resistant. Early bird backers can get theirs for $275 with an expected delivery of September 2014.

Camping Furniture

Alltera levels hills to seat two

AllteraFinding level ground at a campsite is sometimes a challenge, depending on where one happens to be camping. For those excursions in the foothills or along the mountains, there’s Alltera. The aircraft grade aluminum bench is forty inches long, weighs 13 pounds, and best of all, has telescopic legs. So sitting on a hill far away from home (or even close to home) won’t mean that there’s a risk of unwanted rockin’ n rollin’.  It can be easily connected to the trailer hitch of a truck as the rear support – ideally, a truck that’s parked, or use the third leg extension. Backers get one bench for $249.